How many Italians speak English?


I do plan to learn Italy a little bit to make my trip easier but it’s always more comforting to talk to someone who knows English. I was planning on going to the rural parts and was wondering how many people spoke English there?


I would say a fair amount do. They may not be fluent but most know basic English. It is a good language to know in any country really, specially in terms of business and travel. I would estimate that 80% of the country knows at the very least basic English.


Knowing and understanding a bit of Italian can help you a lot at times, especially if you want to venture off the beaten path, but pretty much everyone working in the travel industry knows English.


I would say that they may be many people in Italy who can speak English however learning even the basics in Italian would not hurt you and would leave you prepared should you need to use Italian whilst you are there. As I always say, you can never be too prepared when it comes to visiting another Country where another language is spoken.


When you are in Italy it would be best to ask the Italians that you are trying to communicate with if they speak English or not. That way it will make things a lot easier then just assuming they speak English.


I say most of them will, Most schools now teach the very first language of English. Also they do tend to get them to speak and learn there own.

But in each Country they have to teach so much in there own location. Be cool to go overseas and learn on how they do there life styles


Be prepared with common sayings, bring a translation dictionary (or app), and have a blast!


I’ve actually had the opposite experience.

In big cities, there are many indeed, who speak English. Not very well though, but you can still understand each other and communicate well.
In smaller cities or rural areas though, I’ve found very few who speak it. They may know some English basics, but not enough to have an actual, proper conversation.

It can’t hurt to ask though. They do learn English in schools, but it’s not an easy language for Italians to learn, so many may have a hard time remembering it :sweat_smile:


I totally agree with Shortie " you can never be too prepared when it comes to visiting another Country where another language is spoken." This is a good practice as it makes socialization and communication a bit easier especially in foreign lands. My next destinations, i’ll always take a few lessons from the net about the locals especially greetings.


I’ve never been to Italy but something tells me that a lot of Italians speak English. I’ve heard (online of course) that a lot of other built-up countries teach English plus the native language and that it is a requirement in schools. Not sure how true that is but I would imagine it would be fairly true.


Everywhere in Europe, there’s at least another language taught in schools, and most often that is English. So, kids are growing up learning at least a second language, be it English, French, German .etc


A lot of the Italians have a basic grasp of the english language, at least enough to communicate with. If not Italy is packed with immigrants or Italians who weren’t originally from Italy, and they can speak english!


I’m betting a lot do. Note South Korea has a lot of English speakers. I mean, there is at least enough to get by.


Really? I always thought South korea was pretty advanced, but they were also very traditional in terms of language etc.


A generous estimate places the percentage of Italians who know English at 30%. You likely be in many situations where there will be no one who can speak English nearby to assist you. It’s best to understand very basic Italian to get through your day. Good luck!


I sure hope that at least some of the Italians I run into while I’m there speak English. If not, I’ll probably be in trouble. I know a little Spanish, a little Italian, and that is just enough to be trouble. Wish me luck everyone!


It is comforting to know that there will be someone to talk to in Italy that speaks my language. I’m not very good with other languages and I always feel out of place in those countries. I am, however, looking forward to the trip even if I can’t communicate!


Awww very tricky questions. Having lived in Italy for almost 3 years I’d say around 40% Italians know some basic English and only 30% can speak it.


They (South Koreans) are making massive attempts to learn English, mainly because the university system demands it. In fact, that’s why there are so many jobs over there for English speakers. But I have to admit, the whole system is massively unethical.


I think most of the younger people speak English pretty fluently. Although they might have a funny accent, haha.