How Italians welcome tourist in their country?


I’m interested in knowing how Italians welcome tourist in their country. Are they hospitable? Will they greet you with a smile? or are they already used to tourist coming in in their country that they have no longer have care at all?


I’ve only had good experiences! The people I’ve come across seem genuinely interested in knowing where I’m from, how I liked Italy so far, and so on. I’ve had people who own restaurants give me free desserts after ordering main meals, as a “thank you” for visiting their country…so I can’t complain at all with how I’ve been treated. Very very hospitable!


That’s good to hear! As someone who eventually plans on visiting Italy, it makes me happy to hear that they’re very receptive to tourists. I try not to be too invasive or obnoxious when I travel, but I fully understand if Italians get fed up with tourists. My friend said that when he traveled to France, the French weren’t quite so receptive to tourists, so I’m glad Italians are a little different on this topic.


We often says that people react depending upon on how you treated them . So I think that Italians welcome their tourist as their visitor, they will greet you with a Smile and you as a tourist, you are expected to follow their rules and regulations, remember that it was an attitude of a man that in order to gain respect you should give one. So as long as you respect their people, food traditions and their culture for sure you will be respected as well, (It does not include the pickpockets in the place…) Thank you


That sounds lovely. This makes me want to visit Italy as soon as possible. I like how warm they are towards people from other countries. Go Italy! :heart:


I’ve always found Italians to be very welcoming - the problem is the language, of course, I don’ speak Italian (or just a few words) and what is lovely is that Italians have a great way with body language and gestures for making themselves understood to non-Italian speakers.


My thoughts as well. I actually have a lot of experiences from French nationals who visited my country and even if they’re visitors, they still act so arrogantly and they’re not that friendly compared to other nationalities (but I’m not saying all the french people are like that). Glad to know that Italians are different.


Well, I think with one of the best tourist destination, and million of tourist every year, I think people in Italy knows exactly how to accommodate visitors. Tourist will not keep coming back to Italy if they have bad reputation.


They were very hospitable to us! I think that it depends on the tourists and their behavior. We tried to be friendly to all locals and got the same attitude to us. If your country has a bad reputation in Italy, your situation may be different. Anyway, I think that the Italians are smart enough not to judge all tourists on their country, so everything depends on you.


I think that tourists are welcome in Italy because after all they are spending their tourist dollars there and Italians certainly would welcome that. I think it is just one of the things that Italians look forward to, having tourists come and visit.