How is the tap water?


I know some countries have differences with the water. It is said that Mexico is a place you don’t want to drink the water. Not to say it is dirty, but the water is different and often results in diarrhea. lol

So with that being said, is the tap water anything to worry about? I am a water drinker and I want to make sure it wont cause me any stomach issues when I go.


I understand that the water in Italy has high calcium which can lead to kidney stones if you drink too much. That being said, if the water at any given fountain or drinking fountain is bad it will have a sign that says
"non-potable". I would vote for store bought water.


I wouldn’t worry about it, nor have I ever heard of anyone having any problem. Bottled water is dirt cheap in any case.


The landlord where I lived mentioned that the Tap water was not drinkable, but I’m not sure if that was a fact or that they preferred not to. Either way, bottled water was cheap as hell there so it wasn’t a major issue.


Tap water around Europe is usually pretty good. I dont think Italy is any different. The water is definitely not toxic and wont cause any problems. If you don`t like the taste, you can always go for bottled water from the local supermarket.


The tap water in Italy is usually safe. In a 2015 study of 35 cities, 2 cities, Genoa and Florence were found to have unsafe levels of lead in drinking water. Just asking the locals in area whether the water is safe should be good idea.


From what I understand, tap water in Italy is drinkable however making sure by asking locals would be an idea before drinking a lot of it. I would have thought that if drinking water was no safe around the area you are going to be, there would be signs stating that the water is not safe to drink therefore would be easier to avoid. If you are not overly confident despite asking someone though, sticking with bottled water may be your safest bet.


I would not take the chance on tap water in any country outside North America. I would just buy bottled water/filtered water and make sure it is safe. Don’t take any chances and go right for the bottled water.


I read somewhere that it is hard water but without the crap you see in other countries like lead and fluoride. I am not sure how accurate that is but I thought I would share!