How is the internet speed in Italy?


Hello, Italophiles!

I haven’t been to Italy and I am wondering about how fast the internet speed in Italy is. Are home or consumer internet plans above average speeds compared to the rest of the world? Is the internet speeds fast in the country areas or is it far from the speeds achieved by those living in the capital area?

I would like to know from those who live in Italy or those who have traveled there.


I would imagine it is similar to how it is in the US. Those who are in or near a city have very good internet compared to those who are in the country or in a rural area. That would be my guess anyway.


This link has data from 2015 and Italy’s internet connection speed is actually significantly lower than a lot of other countries. I can’t remember it being bad on the occasions I’ve visited, but if you’re from a country that has super fast connection and download/upload speeds you might find it frustrating.


In Italy, Internet access is guaranteed in the most important cities. Many of us have already used free WiFi in Cybercafes, hotels or places with a lot of people. In large cities, you can find free WiFi access in many places. But access to the internet in these places is still very limited. Updating web pages, loading files or sharing information can take a considerable time.

Now that people are used to the very fast internet, it causes a lot of anxiety and concern to travelers. They generally expect the downloads and file updates to be faster than it actually is. Due to the high costs paid by users to have good access to the Internet, Italy currently occupies the 22nd position according to the Ranking of the European Community of Nations.


Italy has the world’s fastest Internet connection which exceeds the speed of the global web even in highly developed countries.
The problem with the Italians is that they are not patient enough. As soon as they are disconnected from the Internet, they lose patience.


Wow, really? I thought USA has the world’s fastest internet connection but then it is Italy. How I wish to have it experience personally because I’ve been dying for faster speed of internet because on the contrary to Italy’s internet status, my country has the slowest speed though we are not on the very bottom but I think we are on the second or third spot from the bottom. Italians are so lucky to have a fastest internet speed and I think I’d consider this country when I want to move to other country because one of my top concerns is the speed of the internet.