How is crime in Italy?


I have spoken to a few people who have visited Italy a few times and it’s always been a mixed answer whenever I have asked about crime in Italy and how bad it is or even if it exists.

For those of you who have visited Italy, how would you find the crime rate in Italy?


The biggest threat in this regard to a traveler/tourist there would be to be wary of pickpockets, just like you would be in any other country with busy tourist centers.


I think the media is making a huge fuss about it and that may be why the image of Italy is now associated with high crime rates.

Yes, things happen, more often lately than they did before, but that doesn’t mean visiting Italy is unsafe! Dan has a point, the biggest thread is having your wallet stolen. But of course, watching your personal possessions is common sense regardless of which country you visit.


If you’re male, besides having a purse, lol, how could you prevent a pickpocket? Is there somewhere else to put your wallet?


Wow, well it’s good to know that there isn’t really a ton of crime in Italy. But I’m sure like any county there is a little crime, but not a lot like in America. How you see all these crimes all the time.


Pickpockets are the biggest problem, crime-wise, in Italy, and that also depends heavily on the area you are in. You should definitely keep your wallet close to you in certain locations. You should be especially careful on public transportation, like buses and such.


Funny you should mention buses :grin:
Bologna is a huge city and, when I visited for the first time, I was amazed they had an actual announcement in each bus, reminding people to watch out for pickpocketers. But the strange thing wasn’t hearing the announcement, it was that I took like 3 buses that day and felt safe in all of them! No one seemed to be preoccupied with this “sport” :rofl:


Well, they probably dont do it all the time, but it can be a bit dangerous, especially if you get on a really packed bus. Its really easy for a pickpocket to steal your wallet, simply by bumping into you.


When I was little, my parents insisted on explaining how easy it was for pickpocketers to steal a wallet by bumping into you, or cutting your purse (that last thing happened to my mom).

But, I think in Italy, you simply must pay attention not to keep your wallet in your back pocket if half of it comes out. Of keep valuable things in sight if you have one of those big purses that don’t even have a zipper. Or - my favorite - don’t walk on the street while you chat or scroll Facebook on your phone! Of course someone might be tempted to steal it, it’s like an invitation.


I always keep my wallet in my inner jacket pocket. That way, it would be really hard for someone to reach in there and steal without me being aware.


The advice I was told is not to put it in your back pocket. Also, to try to be wary of your surroundings when possible, especially in crowded places such as public transport. People don’t realise how easy it is.

It’s also just being more careful than normal. For example, people where I’m from don’t usually think twice about putting their phone on the table out in the open when at a dinner table, but it’s advised not to do that because it can be very easy for someone to take it. I’ve even heard of children being used to distract you and take your phone when it’s on the table.

Also, this wasn’t in Italy, but it was in a European capital city, but my friend put her bag on the table when she was having a drink and someone ran up to her, spilt her drink over her to distract her as they ran away with her bag. It’s just something you have to be wary about.


According to a report I read, some level of fraud appears in all sectors of the economy of Italy and fraud is known to be a major contributor to Italy’s crime rate.
For sexual violence, Italy has a lower per capita rate of rape than most of the advanced Western countries in the European Union.
Political corruption also remains a major problem in Italy too, especially in Southern Italy which includes Calabria.


This is true. Especially when it comes to touristy places. It’s a known fact Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe, and pickpockters picked up on it (unfortunately!).


This is one of biggest topic you could pull
I limit to Naples one

Crime in Italy, starts in 1945/ 1960 post war… this mostly in Naples
it was period when american soldiers have been still in Naples…
Naples has got the worst from the bomb…
People hungry - no work - no money…
American Soldiers has much more food that they need…
and like this born (in Forcella Naples) the black market, food first and cigaret later…
today we still have it

Cigarette and black market… this gived work to many peoples for over 20 years,
you could find people that sells cigarette almost everywere.

From that only sometimes you could find some kind of drugs as Eroin…
then the market expand, new traffics comes in , the criminality expands and evolved
Become stronger, start to forms in many places of the city, in more areas with more groups…

In the same time starts to grow sicilian mafia from Corleone… but this is another story…

Back to our Neapolitan Camorra… is in the 80s that there all the criminality goes big,
with Ottaviano’s Boss Raffele Cutolo called Il professore di vesuviano
Professor of vesuvio zone, this because in jail he was always studing laws and because of the zone…
With Cutolo the new generation camorra extend capillary on all territory, becomes more organized and puts hands on everythings, drugs, cigarettes, pizzo (asking money to shops) , black toto , buildings and politics…

The biggest part of money is made on drugs…
think only that one year of best investment in apple or any kind of trading… can give max 50/60% so
1000€ become 1600€
with drugs 1000€ becomes 180.000€
this is how Camorra made most of money (today still)
but today’s mafia investing mostly in real business buildings, gaming license as lotto, poker so on…
Most of the money goes in other countries… as Germany, Poland, Scotland, Usa,Spain so on…

I give you last “bomb”…
UK - Brexit - Money from fiscal paradise (like this is called places where you can have bank account that’s just number and no identity) -
You can transfer in UK bank as your money and then use it for legal business…
London…is the biggest city in the world for washing the money… from black to real

there is many details but needs a book for all :smiley:


Honestly I didn’t really notice serious crime while I toured around Italy. I was in Milan, Turin, Naples, Venice, and others that might be perceived as bigger cities with bigger city problems but I didn’t see it.

Take normal precautions as a tourist visiting any European city.


Black markets, drug dealers and corruption are everywhere. Italians may have introduced the concept of “mafia” to the world, but the mafia is literally, everywhere.

When people think of Italy, it’s true that “mafia” comes to mind. I mean, the “Godfather” series alone have made the Italian mafia famous all over the globe!
When you think of any other country, you don’t associate it with crime, but the truth it crime is everywhere.
Like @thetraveler said, normal precautions are common sense. But you shouldn’t be afraid to visit Italy. Especially Naples. It’s such a wonderful and interesting city!


Exactly! Worst part is, there are other criminal organisations in the world but unfortunately the mafia is associated with Italy like the cartel is associated with Mexico. I can tell you that unless you’re not taking basic precautions you will be fine.


To avoid pickpockets I would suggest keeping your wallet and phone in one of your front pockets (the ones where you put your hands). If you do not have front pockets, you might want to hold your wallet and cell phone on your hand whenever you’re out and about. Also, don’t stand or hang around in a public/crowded place without checking your pocket(s) every minute or two.


Excellent tip, I’m not an expert traveller but I generally does this in my life and have never had an issue.


You’re not going to have problems in Italy unless you blatantly ignore the normal ways of life like in any other Western country.