How do you feel about Starbucks opening soon in Milan?


I recently read that Starbucks is going to be opening a coffee shop in Milan soon, and quite frankly, I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, it’s a bit like bringing sand to the beach, isn’t it? On the other hand, people in Italy or visiting Italy who have never had Starbucks’ type of coffee will be able to taste it and give their feedback about it. Now, that’s what I can’t wait for, Italians tasting American Starbucks coffee (the first timers) and comparing it to the coffee that they get everyday in Italy.

I have a lot of thoughts about this. I mean, what do you think? Do you think, “The nerve of Starbucks, coming to set up shop in Italy of all places?” or do you think it’s a good move for everybody? What I really want to know is, is the coffee that they are going to sell in the Milan Starbucks the same quality of coffee as they serve every day here in the states? I think that the powers-that-be in Starbucks’ corporate offices are going to make sure that the Milan Starbucks coffee is their best offering.


I have mixed feelings but then again there are many Italian cafés in other cities of the world. It’s obviously an economic decision and will create jobs for local people and help. People will go to traditional cafés if they want an authentic Italian coffee experience. Maybe it will be that the local people use Starbucks more than the tourists.


I don’t think it’s a big issue as most big cities in Europe have a Starbucks now. Over 76 countries have Starbucks established already. This will be the first one in Italy and in Milan as well which is the city where the chain got the idea to start such a coffee house in the States : Starbucks to Open in Italy As the article says, Starbucks’ coffee is watery and no comeptition for a real Italian espresso. It will be intersting to see what happens.


@Fred Yes, I agree with you, I have mixed feelings about it too. To be honest, it kind of offends me, even though I’m not Italian. To be honest, after I read the article about it, I was irritated for about 15 to 20 minutes, it just got under my skin a little bit, like “Really?” But then again a Starbucks in Italy kind of makes sense. I’m sure people who have never tasted it are going to come in droves just to taste that brand of coffee, especially with all the hype surrounding the opening. In the long run though, I just can’t fathom the local people buying more Starbucks than the tourists, but maybe.

@Patrick I know that Starbucks is all over, but something about them moving right into the center of Milan really irks me for some reason. I did read where the owner or one of the owners of Starbucks said that he has wanted to open a coffeehouse in Italy from the very beginning, and it makes sense if Italy is the place where he got the idea to start a coffeehouse in the states. I guess he is coming full circle.
I agree with you, I think it will be very interesting to see what happens. I think that a lot of tourists are going to flock to the Milan Starbucks especially if they are from a place where they have Starbucks already, so it is familiar to them.

I have to admit that if I were to travel from the U.S. and go on a dream vacation to Italy, while there I would try a lot of types of local coffee because coffee is one of my favorite drinks in the world, but it would also be comforting to me to see a familiar Starbucks place for me to go to as well.


I think as long as it’s done tastefully, it’s okay. I’ve seen Starbucks opened in Japan for instance, where the exteriors of the buildings were made to keep in line with what was already there - so they have some very traditional looking Starbucks buildings! It’s all about respecting the culture that’s already there, not trampling all over it - so as long as they hopefully keep that in mind it should be okay.


Why not? Why should Italians be left out from enjoying a Starbuck sjust because the country has a reputation for great coffee? Cumture should travel and mix - old and new together. people will make their own choices in the end and a new Starbucks will create jobs in the city.


Starbucks is very popular to almost all people around the world. If it will happen to open one branch in Milan then it must be a very good idea since some Italians residing in that certain area will finally have an easy branch to go to just to buy some Starbucks goods. Although we all know that Italians are also good at brewing coffee but having a Starbucks in there is not bad at all. People will have a varieties of available coffee beverages.

We can’t also say that it might replace original Italian product for coffee for the people to be consumed of, since people are tend to go back to their usual habit before like buying coffee to certain coffee shop. Even though Italians are going to buy at Starbucks, they will still miss to buy one to their favorite shop.


Is there no other starbucks already in Milan? That was so surprising. But well, it will going to be more fun having a great coffee in a place with good ambiance. That will be cool drinking coffee with your love ones.


I also have mixed feelings about it tho. Although this would also help tourists who are not used to Italian Coffee shops, they’ll have a place to drink coffee in Milan. However, I don’t think they’ll bring all of the same types of coffee they sell in the states in Milan branch. They’ll definitely add some Italian flavors in to their menu so I’m quite excited about it though not that much.


I think the time has come. I mean Starbucks is something that is worldwide. Some Italians would probably look forward to it, as it is something different and something American. I don’t see it as being a big problem actually.


I think there is nothing wrong about opening a Starbucks coffee in Milan, We can say that it will be a part of their marketing plan and strategy of invading or promoting Starbucks in one of the visited place all over the world. though we can’t deny the fact that Italy was already know n for their known coffee espresso and some of known coffee flavor was based from them. So we may not see any problem with it but let us hope for the Starbucks to meet the standard of the people in Milan in tasting coffee. And we all know that sometimes it is not the Brand name that people base to buy the product it is beyond the quality of service and food offers am I right? hope it helps


This is true! Personal choice is what it comes down to, and ultimately the market will speak. If no one goes to the Starbucks, it’s likely they’ll close - but if people embrace it then obviously it was something they wanted.


I don’t know how Italians would react. But I think Starbucks is a well-known coffee joint already and we should expect even Italians to go grab their cup of coffee there. Some could be curious as to why there is too much hype with Starbucks’ coffee and might give them a try themselves.


I am honestly a fan of Starbucks because of its very delicious coffee yet an expensive one but I really don’t bother with the price as long as I am satisfied. For me it would be a great idea that Starbucks would open its coffee shop in Milan since I think there are so many people there who loves to drink coffee or even a coffee lovers as well. It can be a good choice since people would have another option aside from their traditional coffee shop that they frequently visited.


I agree with you in that I’m interested in seeing what reactions Italians have to Starbucks coffee. As an American myself, I’ve never been a huge Starbucks fan. I’ve been, and I’m familiar with their menu, but I far prefer local coffeeshops over chain ones. When I travel, I typically stay away from chains that are available in my country like McDonald’s anyway, so it wouldn’t affect me in any way while I travel.


In my country, Starbucks was famous in the big cities because of its very delicious and unique coffee that each of my countrymen loves to have during the whole day. Filipinos are known for being a coffee lovers and I do admit that I am one of them. It is one reason why Starbucks are being popular and making a great deal to Filipinos because of the attitude that we have.


Yeah, I’m also thinking the same way. Considering how East Asians and South East Asians reacted when Starbucks decided to put their brand in those countries, I guess the same will also happen with Italy. Although, I’m not sure if it’ll be the same level of fascination and addiction compared to South Korea and the Philippines where most people use this coffee shop brand to raise their status in the society.


I think it’s okay. People will still buy what they want. It’s not like they’re forced to buy Starbucks coffee. It simply gives them an alternative in case they want to try something different. :smile:


Thank you for sharing your perspective, I think it’s really neat hearing someone else’s view on things! I guess that makes sense that to people in other countries, Starbucks would maybe be different and unique, something that they’re not used to, which could make it a novelty of sorts. I’ve grown up knowing about Starbucks, so it’s not something that’s “new” or “adventurous” for me or my culture per se.

That’s a really fascinating approach to it!


I’m originally from New York City, where we had so many Starbucks that you could stand next to one and be a stone’s throw away from another one. That being said, I never understood the appeal. I myself never bought a coffee from there, but I took sips from friends just to see what we’re working with. Maybe it was their choice in coffee, but the stuff just tasted like milk and sugar to me.

I kind of feel like Starbucks is coffee for people who don’t actually like coffee. That being said, I’m not going to be a snob about it. Everyone should spend their money on what they want to drink. If they want milk and sugar, let 'em drink milk and sugar. If they want mom and pop shop quality coffee, then they’re free to go to smaller cafés. To each his own.