How Do Italians Eat Spaghetti?


At home in the UK, I always ate spaghetti with a fork and spoon. Using the spoon to support the paste I was trying to spin onto my fork. On one of my first visits to Italy, I stayed with a host family who told me spaghetti should be eaten with a fork only. Now I can use a fork only but I always have a serviette tucked into my collar like a baby’s bib!

How do you eat your spaghetti?



Well, I’m not Italian, but I would venture a guess and say that not all Italians are opposed to using a spoon when eating pasta. I don’t need a spoon when eating spaghetti to help me with getting pasta on my fork, but a spoon does come in handy when dealing with the sauce. Spaghetti is such a delicious tasting dish, whatever one needs to get the job done seems okay to me.:slightly_smiling_face:


We really love eating spaghetti and this has been part of any gatherings and occasions in our country. The only difference is our spaghetti is somewhat sweeter than the others, well I guess we really love sweet flavored food. So, the way we eat is the traditional way which is spinning it with fork and that’s it. But for me, I use spoon specially when I am done with the pasta and just trying to finish the leftover sauce on the plate, something that I love to do when eating spaghetti.


I give in and slice through my plate of pasta with a knife then fork the smaller lengths into my mouth. I had too many tomato sauce stains on my blouses. I know i could use a cloth to protect my clothes - but I forgot to do that too often.


In my country we usually eat spaghetti using only fork and no spoon. We spin the fork until the long pasta is properly pinned in the fork. If the pasta is too long we cut it first. In order for the paste not to fall anywhere we tried to eat the pasta near the plate. In case something will fall at least it will fell in the plate.


Having the mind a child in the body of an adult I hunt out the ends of the pasta and suck it up through pursed lips. Sometimes (well often, actually) a few strands at a time. The subtle sucking noise and the sensation as the last millimeters of spaghetti enter my mouth is one of the great joys of my life. I don’t mind the residual tomato sauce as it congeals on my nose.


I personally am addicted to spaghetti. I never get tired of it and my friends and family know it. I even consider myself a spaghetti enthusiast or spaghetti hunter because of my enthusiasm when it comes to this food. :stuck_out_tongue:

In our side or the world, we like our spaghetti on the sweet and sour side. I’ll make it a life goal to visit all parts of the world and taste their spaghetti. YUM! :smiley:


There seems to a mixed opinion on this. I agree with @Penelope that not all Italians are opposed to using a spoon. I suspect that host family were going overboard on the cultural learning elements of my stay with them.

@joey_2tep and @EfficientNinja - where are you from? I don’t think I’ve ever had a sweet sauce with pasta.


I always eat spaghetti using fork only. But then I noticed that western people eat their spaghetti using fork and spoon. I find it useful to use both cutlery in eating spaghetti. If you’re using fork only you should have bib or napkin available as the sauces splashes everywhere.


It must be the same as us in the UK and with a spoon and a fork. They don’t use chopsticks in Italy to eat Italian food, at least it’s not the norm anyway. Italians wouldn’t eat with their fingers as the sauce on the spaghetti would be too messy. A knife wouldn’t pick up the pasta either so it must be a spoon and fork!:yum:


I’m from the Philippines and we eat our spaghetti by using only fork. Actually, our Spaghetti is kind of different compared to the Italian style spaghetti. We prefer a sweeter flavor to our spaghetti and we actually add hotdogs and corned beef to it. From what I’ve heard Italian spaghetti is kind of sour and so I want to try and eat it in Italy. Hopefully I can do that after I graduate from college.


Ha ha ha @Patrick I think I’ll have to join you on that one. And I’d swear that I’ve seen Italians slurping their spaghetti through pursed lips.

I once sucked in a string of spaghetti and it went straight down my throat. Luckily, it took the right route into my stomach, I suppose it could have easily gone into my lungs!


I love spaghetti too, but if you will ask me on how will I eat spaghetti most of the time I eat it using the fork so that I rolled over the pasta in the fork before I taste it. But since spaghetti is one of the food I like regardless the place because I remember when I was a kid there was a spaghetti sell on the store and I decided to take out the spaghetti so the vendor put in on a plastic and I decided that I will eat it on the house when I arrived. But the reality was I was on my way I tried to make a hole on the plastic and eat it … No fork no spoon. how funny it is? How about you have you tried it also?


With the use of fork, you spin it around to get the pasta and make sure there’s no hanging sauce that might spill. If the pasta is too long you can actually slice it with the fork.


I personally only use a fork, but I have seen both the fork and spoon method done, although this was mostly on TV. In most cases the fork is good to use for simplicities sake.


I live somewhere in Asia. We get that a lot. Many people are weirded out by a sweet pasta sauce. But I personally like Italy or America’s spaghetti better. :slight_smile:


I’m not Italian but I love spaghetti so much. Here in my country, spaghetti is kind of different because the taste is sweeter. We also use a fork when we’re eating. Spaghetti is very popular here especially for kids mostly you’ve seen them at a Birthday party.


I think that it’s just easy for some people to eat spaghetti using only a fork because they are so used to it, therefore that’s how they teach others. Somewhat like how certain people can use chopsticks to eat their food while other people can’t do it, and need a fork.
I only use a fork when eating spaghetti because my spaghetti always looks very much like the dish in the picture you posted here, that is to say thick with meat and cheese. Very easily stays on a fork.

And may I comment on the sweet sauce with pasta? I have had that type of sauce here in America, but I much prefer the savory sauce, the rich tomato-ey, meaty, full of vegetables type of sauce. There are some dishes that I like to eat that have a sweet taste going on, like sweet and sour chicken, or sweet and sour fish, but sweet sauce on spaghetti isn’t really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still eat it, but I don’t prefer it.


As an Italian, I have to say that, with due respect, I disagree with what @Penelope and @Chantal say: I understand why you, Chantal, were using a spoon, not being used to eat Italian spaghetti, but your host family wasn’t going overboard when explaining our customs. As in Asia people use chopsticks, in Italy we roll spaghetti with the fork, it’s just how we do it. The only time you actually see people using a spoon is when dealing with little kids who have yet to learn how to roll with a fork.

Obviously it’s your personal choice if you want to learn or not a local custom, what I am trying to say is that your host family wasn’t lying about the way we eat spaghetti.

Concerning the sauce, I quote a statement above and then I’ll try to explain:

Consider that the Italian sauce is A LOT less “liquified” than the one you see in the US for example. It’s less likely to splatter yourself with it, as a consequence. When dealing with the sauce left on the plate once eaten all the spaghetti, Italians do not use a spoon, but do the so-called “scarpetta” (literally “small shoe”): you pick up the sauce with a little piece of bread.

So, that’s how we do it: just the fork for spaghetti plus “scarpetta” for the remaining sauce. Obviously, it’s a free world and everyone can do as one pleases, but I think it’s interesting to try local customs, when visiting a foreign country :slight_smile:


I love a thick spaghetti sauce! :tomato::tomato:
That’s exactly what I was saying here in the comment right above yours, but I must admit, I not only like my sauce thick, I tend to have a liking for a lot of my food to be like that; salads, dense breads, thick smoothies, you name it. For instance, salads, which in theory are supposed to be healthy, after I finish adding to the base of the “greens” my salads can feed a small army… they tend to be very large and have everything in them.

Scarpetta? I think this is my first time hearing this word, although I am very familiar with “sopping” up sauce with a nice piece of bread. :yum:Delicious.