How difficult is it to travel with a pet to Italy?


I absolutely adore my dog Max and bringing him along would make my vacation to Italy great. But the expense and inconvenience make it seem like a pain. Are you a pet owner who travelled with their pet to Italy? How was your experience?


Not that difficult if you do your research ahead of time. The rules to bring a pet to Italy are fairly basic as mentioned on another topic: What are the laws on taking pets to Italy?

  • your pet must have an EU pet passport
  • needs to be microchipped
  • rabies vaccine up to date

Check with your airline and also accommodation before-hand as well.

Pets in Italy site provides extensive information on this topic.


What’s the size of your dog?

Law in Italy says that dogs are allowed in public places, they can get on buses and trains (but you have to pay the ticket for the dog too, unless the dog is in a pet carrier).

Under any circumstances the dog must always be on the leash, you must bring the muzzle with you (but you do not have to put it if the dog is cunning) and poop bags.

In spite of the law, many restaurants do not allow dogs to enter (small dogs generally are admitted).

In the big supermarkets, little dogs could enter and generally you can find this kind of trolleys:

(obviously dogs should never get in touch with food for any reason)

For the bigger dogs you can find an area outside the supermaket to leave him.

Dogs are generally not allowed in museums (but there are some exceptions).

There are many sites here in Italy for dogs owners, let me know which regions or cities you are planning to visit so I can send some links for you - and your dog Max of course.


I love the fact that Italy is so pet friendly.

I see tourists with their pets everyday. I’m sure it must be difficult to travel with a dog, but as I see it, if you’re comfortable living with your dog and taking care of it day after day, why wouldn’t you feel comfortable bringing it along on vacation?

The only downside, however, is transportation. I imagine it’s difficult for a dog to travel hundreds or thousands of miles.


I think these are really the biggest obstacles. The other big one is that a lot of places simply don’t allow dogs, especially not big dogs. If you’re in the big cities, i.e. Milan, you’re going to have a hard time.


That’s true. You raise a very good point! Italians allow pets mostly everywhere, but it’s mostly small sized dogs I see. Many have big dogs over here as well! Certain Italian dog breeds are quite… large, to say the least! But yeah, I’ve never seen anyone enter a shop with a large dog… only small ones, you can almost literally keep in your pocket :slight_smile:


This. It’s not like North America where you could bring in a dog into a mall… they will definitely not be happy in a lot of places with a big dog.


Well, I’d say a big dog could indeed pose a “problem”. However, I’ve noticed that Italians take good care of their pets and I’ve never seen any aggressive dogs in Italy, not ever! I’m sure dogs have instincts and all, but apparently the owners train them well.