How did you learn Italian?


If you are not from or living in Italy, why did you learn Italian? If you are in Italy, how long did it take you to learn the language?

I am thinking about becoming bilingual and while this is cool and all I’m wondering how easy it was to learn when you live in a place that uses that language primarily.


When I first came here I was very confused because I didn’t understand Italian and was unable to communicate! Luckily, a couple of my coworkers had excellent English skills, so little by little, I learned something new everyday…

I also learned a lot of Italian by watching TV. At first I thought “what’s the point, I can’t understand anything anyway”, but after a while I realized I could at least let it run in the background and hear Italian when I’m at home. So again, little by little I started learning something new everyday!

I also used Google Translate a lot :smiley: Whenever I would hear a word over and over again but had no idea what it meant, I’d just ‘google translate’ it.

It took a few months and a lot of effort, but I’ve managed to learn basic Italian in the end. I’m actually still learning, I hear new words and expression every day and have no idea what they mean!

However, I think living here makes it easier, seeing how you hear it every single day. It may take longer to learn Italian if you’re not here, but there are a lot of resources you can use and learn any language not just Italian.


I personally feel it depends on you as an individual when it comes to finding the best way to learn Italian. Some people prefer to listen and repeat even using things like apps or programs on a computer and others prefer to learn by listening to things such as the television or even the radio or even their friends who can speak the language. I personally prefer to learn using online services, There are many out there for free that are great for starting out and learning the basics.


I learnt very little for my trip there via this app called Duolingo. Just a few basic phrases and nouns to help me communicate!


Yes, I agree that apps and programs are helpful when learning another language like Italian. Some of my favorites that I find are helpful are Rosetta Stone and this app called Memrise. Doulingo is nice, too as mentioned. They have listening, speaking, and spelling practice.


I majored in English Literature in college and I was able to choose Italian as a second language. I spoke French so it was not too hard for me to learn Italian. I love languages in general and I would love to learn more :slight_smile:


I learned most of my Italian in college. We had to take a language, so I decided that I would take Italian. I had always wanted to learn the language so I’m glad that I was able to!


While I was born in the United States, my first language was Spanish. After a couple of years of ESL, I finally was accustomed to the English language. In middle school we had three choices of different languages to choose from. I found that the Italian language was very similar to Spanish. I fell in love with the language and studied it all through high school. My teacher was a major influence as to why I wanted to visit Italy after I graduated!