Hotels or Homes?


When visiting Italy, would you say it is better to actually rent out a vacation home or a room-share or to just stay in a hotel? I am not sure what the price differences may be but those would be helpful as well. My fiance and I are undecided on which would be better to stay at.


I was reading about this yesterday. You can stay at farms, convents, hotels, apartments, B&Bs, and more. The prices vary widely, but just know that the custom of a couple renting out a couple of rooms to visitors is becoming harder and harder to find. Good luck finding your perfect home away from home. Every thing I have read says that it’s not that hard to find cheap accommodations in Italy.


It depends on so many factors like location, price, level of intimacy desired, length of stay, number of persons, your own preferences etc.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages over the other.


I’d definitely find a home. I used Airbnb to book a few places. It’s much cheaper and I booked places on different dates in different parts of the country. The places were only used as a temporary base to relax and change, it was all just one major road trip from home to home. And I wouldn’t have done it any other way!


There are different types of accommodations for different use cases. If you want as much convenience and privacy as possible, a hotel is your best bet. Budget options sacrifice convenience and privacy for price.


It really depends on your budget. If you are looking for a cheaper way to stay, then a room-share would be the cheapest option. Although you would loose almost all privacy. If you have the money to spare, definitely go for a nice hotel.