Hope to learn and make friends :D


Ciao a tutti !! I am Aditya from India and i am new to Italophile. I love learning about lifestyles, cultures, foods etc. of different countries. When it comes to monuments, who has not heard the name of the Pantheon or the Arch of Titus. Many famous cuisines such as Pizza and Lasagna have their origins in Italy.

I hope to learn about Italy and I hope to make many friends here :slight_smile:

Buona giornata a tutti


Hi, there! You will definitely love here because you’ll learn a lot about Italy! Good to here that you’re from India, i would love to visit your place soon. :slight_smile:

Have fun and see ya around here!


@DarkCraftPlayz - it looks like you’ve already made a good start with the language. I’d love to speak Italian. Are you going to classes or leaning on the internet? I might try the latter as there are no classes where I live.


Hey rizheart and Pearl. Thanks for welcoming me. Looks like my journey on italophile to learn and make friends has already begun.

@Pearl I am not taking any classes. They aren’t available in my area too and if they were I wouldn’t have joined. Why waste money when I can learn Italian online.

I will like to visit Italy at least once in my life and I am preparing for that time. Hope we both learn together and become good friends :wink:


Hi, I am also new here, but I would like to do the opposite and learn a bit more about Italy, even though I don’t really mind learning about different cultures too.

Have a lot of fun, because I hope to do so too.