Historical films set in Italy


In another topic, someone mentioned the movie Gladiator. I wanted to list some other Ancient Rome movies, but I couldn’t think of any other than Spartacus. What other movies are about Ancient Rome? Do you love any films that are based during another era of Italian history?


Those are the first two I thought of as well. Ben Hur is another classic movie that takes place in Ancient Rome. There are also several movies about Julius Caesar (and that’s what most of them are called, too). I sort of remember hearing about a movie about Pompeii that came out recently, but I could just be thinking of that Bastille song.


Perhaps you are referring to Pompeii that came out in 2014 and is starring Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow from Game of Thrones).

I remember it being quite good, exceeding my expectations.

Pompeii - Official Trailer