Haircuts - What's your style?


What is your style when you go get a haircut? How often do you cut your hair?


My hair is just long all around, down to my hiney. No haircuts except for trims for me. I am curious, however, what are the favorite hair styles in Italy these days? Does anyone know?


According to Yahoo, the top 5 Italian haircuts in Italy are:

  1. Italian Boy Cut - about 4 inches all over and combed forward
  2. Long and curly - this is huge right now in Italy. Women have hair down to the middle of the back with layers throughout so that when curled, it has the appearance that the hair is healthier and thicker.
  3. Brushed back hair - instead of putting a part on one side or another, you just brush it back.
  4. French twist with a scarf - starts with a low ponytail twisted up and held with pins or clips. Italian women like to dress up this traditional favorite.
  5. Romantic braids - start by putting volumizing mousse, then dry with a diffuser Braid then fasten with a hair tie.


I get my hair cut every 2 months and I keep the top longer and the sides shorter.
I am not sure what it is called, maybe a long fade? I have had my hair the same for the last 15 years too but I just like it. Easy to style and easy to clean.


Thanks for your research on those haircuts that Italians usually go for. Those are interesting I’ll have to look at the pics on google.

My hair style is ‘spiky and messy’


Mine is my usual, short on the sides but keep a little on the top and I comb it towards the back!


I don’t have any crazy styles at all. I let min grow then I have it cut down just above the ear. No wax, no spikes, not even coloured

You can say just how I like it that’s notional


I had my hair cut around a month or so ago now and I have it shoulder length and in a bob so to speak. I also have my hair dyed another colour which is Mystic Violet. I was pretty worried about changing my hairstyle but so many people have told me they love it so I am quite happy to keep it the way it is now.


I had long and bushy (curly) hair for a long time but now it’s just short and curly. I sort of like long best, but it’s too difficult to manage. I mean, the smallest wind makes the long hair weird. (btw. I’m a male)


Haven’t cut my hair in more than a year! It’s pretty long! But I’d usually just layer it and adjust the length a bit so long as it isn’t below my butt.


very shor, like 1 mlm


I actually picked up the comb over while visiting Italy and I’ve kept with it!


I don’t really have a style, I just wear it medium long. Or medium short? In any case, medium length :smiley:

Italians, however, are much more attentive when it comes to fashion and hairstyle. Women here, for instance, are used to going to the beauty parlor quite often. And young Italian girls are used to changing hairstyles every few months or so. Italians really do care about their image!


Mine is naturally straight and long. I barely have a haircut, maybe once every quarter only (just a trim). My mom gone wild when I cut my hair shoulder length before. But I treat my hair for conditioning, keratin and cellophane every other month. I wanted to style my hair differently, like to have big curls, have it dyed from my natural brown to bluish black or ombre blonde, or long bob cut. BUT I don’t want my mom to go wild again and my hubby prefers my natural long, straight hair.


I also get a haircut every 2 months. I don’t wait for my hair to get very long. My favorite haircut for 2 years now has been the disconnected undercut.

The disconnected undercut looks very neat and stylish. The hair at my sides are shaved and the hair at my front is left a little bit long.

My favorite salon is David’s salon. They shampoo my hair before they cut it. There’s even free massage.