GPS Navigation - What one do you use on your mobile phone?


What GPS navigation program do you use on your mobile device?

I used to be a long time fan of Google Maps. After a friend suggested I try Waze, I decided to use it this morning during my everyday drive. It took me through to some backroads I’ve never traveled before, and saved me lots of time from sitting in traffic! I am impressed and will probably start using Waze primarily.

What about you?


I use the standard google one that is on my phone preinstalled when I do use anything. Most of the time I have no use for it since I am good with directions. I find it more fun to just wing it!


That is a good way to look at it. I should try that sometime to just ‘wing’ it! I am usually horrible with directions as I can forget easily sometimes so my GPS really helps me getting to my destination faster than trying to figure it out on my own.


Waze is a exclusive to your GPS car system? or is there an app for it?

I always navigate with Google maps, Tried apple maps but it was terrible!


If I was going away I use my TomTom GPS and download the Italian map add-on. However that being said if I didn’t hire an car and taken an bus, train or other transportation then I use my Tablet or phone.

But what’s wrong with the good old map in your hand and reading it that way :slight_smile:


I deleted Apple Maps off my phone and exclusively use Google Maps. The interface is much more intuitive and the traffic info is far better. I’ve never used Waze, but it’s owned by Google so I’m not sure how the data could be that much different.


I used to use Google Maps but I’ve switched over to Waze and I will never look back. It is amazing and I love it. :slight_smile:


It’s not too often we use a GPS Navigation however when we do, we always find that Google’s built in one on my phone works a charm. We have never had any kind of problems with using Google’s and always use it when we need it. It would seem that Waze is a popular one mentioned in here so I may take a look into that and see how it compares to Google!


Can you use your GPS in Italy? It probably depends on your carrier and those pesky overseas charges. I just wonder if you can find your way by GPS over there like you can here Does anyone know about this?


I use Google Maps. It’s easy to use and available on most phones. I really like the offline map saving feature and the fact that it often has more places mapped and recognizes where I want to go when I type it in more often than other apps.


I use both Google Maps and Waze, and have used a third app in the past, called Sygic. I think all work very well and have their own ups and downs. I found that maps does a better job at showing traffic in real time, but sometimes I’m having trouble with the GPS signal. Waze, on the other hand, works perfectly fine, but if other users don’t ‘alert’ the app there’s traffic or an accident ahead, there;s no way you can know about it.

Anyway, so far so good. I just wish they had an app for the limited traffic zones!! It’s a hassle having to go around them in a city you’re not familiar with :rofl:


I’ve never heard of Waze before, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve always used Google Maps, it’s just the best option I knew about. I used to use Apple Maps when I had an iPhone but it just didn’t compare to Google’s in my opinion, like loves_to_travel mentioned, it’s just got a more intuitive interface.