Good vintage shops?


Are there any good vintage shops anywhere in Italy that are worth going to see? I would like to get a dew pieces of history to bring home after my fiance and I finish our trip. I am looking for anything really that is old and outdated even. I have actually always loved old and rustic furniture and decor.


I think there are a ton of vintage shops around most cities in Italy. Some may be more expensive then others, but you can definitely get a lot of things that you can bring home.


Pitti Vintage is a cute vintage shop in Florence. They have two cute dogs and lots of interesting things for sale. There are some things in there are so valuable and old that they’re not for sale but just showpieces! They have everything from 50’s lingerie to modern ties.


Pifebo Vintage Shop
4.2 (52) · Vintage Clothing Store
Roma RM, Italy
+39 06 8901 5204
Opens at 11:00 AM

Apparently they are really great from all the reviews. If you get a chance you can try that shop if you around that area :slight_smile:


I am marking this down, I want to check this place out! I love vintage clothing shops. I will likely pick up a few things from here when I go!