Freezing Parmesan Rinds


I just came across the best tip on a “Cooking Italian Pasta” site. When you use your last bit of parmesan cheese put the rinds in the freezer to be used later. You can use it to flavor soups and stews and slow cooker meals. How 'bout that? Good tip.


That’s a great tip, Antonia! I’m a pretty novice cook, so I didn’t even know that you could use parmesan rinds for additional flavor in soups and stews. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it.


That is a good tip, thank you for sharing it with us and for sharing that site as well. I love to cook and am taking notes. I typically like to grate the rinds for use in marinara sauces, but I bet it would add a lot of flavor to minestrone soup too.