Free WiFI in Italy?


Do restaurants, fast food, stores offer free WiFi like they do here in North America or do you have to pay to be able to use WiFi and if so, how much does it usually cost?


Not even in North America do they offer free Wi-Fi everywhere. While many stores do, many don’t have Wi-Fi at all while a few require payment. This is also true in Italy. It’s also a good idea to have a data connection in case you need to get online and don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.


Data connections cost an arm and a leg when you travel to different countries. Make sure you find a good cheap travel data plan that your phone company usually offers.


I agree with Canadian on this point. The way that cell phone companies charge for overseas calls and data, one should be sure that there will be no additional, unexpected charges when going overseas and using data.


I think it’s still a good fallback if you need it for emergency situations. You can also switch your foreign SIM for an Italian SIM. Data won’t cost an arm and a leg if you use a Italian carrier instead of depending on your SIM from outside of Italy.



While I’m sure there are some stores/restaurants in North America that makes you pay to use their WiFi but I have yet to find one at least here where I live. Everywhere I have been has always offered free WiFi.


I thought that everywhere should have WIFI, Most Hotels and restaurants and even supermarkets offers free WIFI. I known to the fact that people rather use there own data from there phones as it’s more faster and safer (depending on there network) and if I had the option I would do the same.

I sometimes run out of data and it does help if you can pick up free wifi :slight_smile:


This is definitely true. I have never seen a place that ask for payment for Wi-Fi but some Wi-Fi networks require you to be a paid subscriber. For example, my ISP is Xfinity and I can use their Wi-Fi by signing into my Xfinity account


I never thought of that! Sounds like a great alternative to overages and high fees. I wonder how expensive it is to get an Italian sim? Surely it can’t be too much and this would greatly increase your ability to use the internet for GPS etc. while you are there!


Most GPS that you buy now are apart of the Europe map. I have an GPS TomTom that does the full location of Europe not just the UK, so as others needs maybe free WiFi to check there maps others needs like myself use satellite.

What’s wrong using the old map like the good old days


You can probably get free WiFi almost everywhere in the big cities, like Milan or Rome. At least I`m sure you get it for free in coffee shops and local parks.


You can surely get free Wifi everywhere. For example, in some coffees you have some that are just free without any password, some that will require passwords but you DON’T NEED TO PAY ANY CONSUME to get it, it’s just written in a board or something like that, and others that you can get with passwords as long as you consume something BUT you don’t need to pay an extra for wi-fi itself, you literally just have to consume, even if it is a coffee, a gum or the cheapest thing that they have. Or you can just invade it and get the password ahah.
Some parks also have it for free and the majority of malls have it too. So, basically, wherever you go, the chance to get free wi-fi is very high.


I’d agree that free WiFi is somewhat common in Italy, however, I wouldn’t rely on it. Maybe getting a pay-as-you-go SIM and putting a few Euros on there with the cheapest data plan you can fidn might be a good idea when you’re abroad. That way you won’t overspend and it can help in emergencies!


Rita is right. Over the last few years, every shop, cafe, restaurant etc. has “adapted” to the “trend” :smiley: You can get free wi-fi in Italy, for free. Did I mention it’s free?

And yes, in some cities you can get free internet in parks or other public places. It’s not just anywhere though, but only in certain “hotspots”, which are signaled by this big panel that says “wi fi”.

You also have free wifi in airports and train stations. I don’t know if all of them though.

However, there is a downside to all this. The signal is quite weak, so you may get excited for nothing at times. Oh well…


we have free wi fi in almost every public place…
one problem… most of the place internet doest work at best


Definitely go for the sim card but honestly, don’t even use the phone and just enjoy what Italy has to offer! if you’re lost, ask a local, you would be surprised how helpful people can be!


Internet access helps a ton when you’re in a foreign country. You can look up information like directions and translations. Just don’t be surprised if you can’t find any free WiFi out in a random rural area. Try to find at least one nearby place where you know you can get free WiFi before heading too far out so you always have that access if you need to go back there.


You’re right, in rural areas free wi fi is difficult to find. Although, I’m sure Italians restaurants and bars have it. You may need to be a customer though, for them to give you the password.


I actually think it’s a good strategy for restaurants/bars to get more business (especially in big tourist areas) if they offer Wi-Fi to customers. It’s obviously not the only factor but I would take stuff like that into account.


From experience, even when I’m “in holiday” (that for me means that I still need to check on some things here and there and that requires internet connection for me), but what I found is that Internet comes at a premium in Italy, both in price and reliability. The more remote you are, the more difficult it is to get a good connection.

That’s the 1st filter I apply to any accommodation search: internet. And I would double check with the accommodation manager asking personally and stating how important that is for me.