Football in Italy


Football is by far the most popular sport in Italy (Soccer for the Americans). With 4,363,000 participants, it surpasses the second favourite (watersports) by about a million participants.

Football goes way back to the time of the Roman Empire when they played “harpastum”, which is the earliest form of football in Italy. Even some of the popes played the game at the Vatican. Said popes include Clement VII, and Leo XI

The Italian national football team is among the very best in the world, there is no doubt about that. Italy has won the FIFA world cup no less than 4 times, in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006.
At the moment, Germany and Italy are the second most successful football countries in history, considering the amount of times they have won. Both are trailing Brazil.
The Italian national football team typically wears blue shirts.

If you’re planing on visiting Italy, don’t forget to attend a football game, when it’s the right season. The ambiance if an experience to remember. You might be a bit deaf for a few hours afterwards! Bring something to drink, and chips, and you’ll have the time of your life.
Tickets aren’t usually too cheap, however.


I was actually considering going to a game if any are taking place. Is football a sport that happens int he spring? I am really not sure what the seasons are over there. I don’t even know the seasons here in America for soccer. I have only ever watched basketball but I am willing to see a live game in Italy if I can.


Soccer in Italy runs from about the end or August until the end of May. I’m saying the end of August, but it can be in the third week as well. They do take a break during the Holidays (Christmas)

If you’re interested in watching a game, here is a little more information.
To understand what you’re watching (or what you’d like to watch), there are different leagues. The top level is called Serie A, a league that has 20 teams. Those are the best teams, and they also have the best players, of course.
If you want to see a game at top level, you’ll want a Serie A. Keep in mind that Serie A isn’t as cheap as lower levels. You see top players and you’re paying for it.

So, if you’re just interested in watching a game because it’s one of the cool things to do in Italy, and you’re not super familiar with soccer (football), you’re probably better off watching a lower level game. It’s just as much fun, and it’s much cheaper. Nearly every town has a home team, so it’s really not difficult to find a game, no matter where in Italy you’re staying.


Attended a football came back in italy once. It was 2 local clubs, nothing major. But it’s amazing to see the support and passion of the attendees and the players, even though they weren’t playing any major event, they really gave it their all. Football has a major place in Italy.


You’re so right! Football has a major place in any European country. It’s the one thing I really miss. The incredible ambiance during football games. People who cannot attend will get together and watch it on TV. During big games, like world cup games, huge screens are places in the cities where people can get together in large groups and watch.
Having football parties is nothing unusual, and everyone loves them.

Unfortunately sometimes people can get a bit too passionate and fights happen. I probably reveal how old I am by telling you that I watched the Heysel stadium drama unfold in Brussels just before the start of a game between Juventus (Italy) and Liverpool (England) in 1985.
Sadly,. 39 people lost their lives, most of those were Italians, and 600 people were injured

I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I was watching the game on TV with some friends. The Liverpool supporters attached the Juventus supporters, panic started, people were trying to escape the stadium, and a wall collapsed. (Though most deaths were not caused by the collapsing wall, they were caused by suffocation during the general panic, where people were trampling one another, trying to escape.


Football in Italy is definitely huge. I mean, it`s almost as important to people as it is for the British and countries in South America. A lot of people live for their football and Italian fans are really supportive of their favorite clubs and especially the National Team.


Playing soccer is fun and in fact, I took soccer as an elective in college. Also, soccer video games are fun. Anyway, it would be cool if it would catch on more in the US, but it still is a foreign sport here.


The US has a pretty strong female soccer team, though, if I am not mistaken. I think the sport will pick up sooner or later for sure.


Football in Italy is a huge one I must admit. I have been following Italian Football, Serie A for 10 years now. Clubs like AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, and of recent, Napoli are all all great teams dominating European Club Football.

Soccer is one of the mainstay of Italian economy too. The amount of funds these aforementioned teams are getting from TV rights and other sponsors are overwhelming.


There was a period of some very dry years (2011-2014) in terms of European achievements for Italian teams, but they are starting to get back on their feet with Juventus having played 2 of the last 3 Champions League finals.


A friend of mine is obsessed with European Football. I still call it soccer myself but ya know, that isn’t the proper name over there. I have never been interested in the sport. I am really not into any sports other than golf. I grew up on basketball but lost interest in that as well.


if you come in Naples, football is a must
come to the stadium, you will not regreat it


Even with the fallout of World Cup qualifiers I found football to still be the buzz around Italy… the passion for local teams is definitely hardcore.


Glad to see there are several football teams in Tuscany. I am panning a culinary vacation there and would love to see a game or two. If you know the teams, which one would you pull for?


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