First word that comes to mind


I would say warm. I know it isn’t always warm in Italy, and parts that are mountainous certainly aren’t but I guess I associate it with the Medittereanean climate which is generally warm and pleasant.


Every time I hear Italy I always think about Pizza and Pasta. That’s actually the first things about Italy I’ve known about and it already made me fell in love because I really love Pizza and Pasta. Before, I thought Pizzas were from the US because of Pizza Hut and other Famous Pizza Restaurants here in the Philippines, fortunately someone educated me about it coming from Italy.With Pasta, I’m always fascinated about how fancy looking Italian Pastas are so I’ve always wanted to try and it eat there because we have a different kind of Pasta here in my country and it doesn’t taste the same with the Italian Pasta.


I would say culture. I feel like there’s so much rich culture in Italy, from historic buildings to works by incredible artists, great music and more. It’s a place that I could spend a lifetime in, just soaking up all the incredible culture the country has to offer.

Second would be the amazing food! Can’t forget that one!


The first word I thought of was “authentic.” I do believe that their culture is unique, so this is the first thing that struck my mind. There is no other nation that follows traditions but stays up-to-date. They are famous for their manners and preferences. their cuisine is beloved around the world, their country is desired among tourists, their music is superb. The Italians live in their own world, and many people want to enter it at least for a moment.


When I heard ITALY, what comes in my head is all about love. That country is full of good things and memories about love.


When I hear the word ‘Italy’, the first thing that comes to my mind is their food. I absolutely love their pizza and also lasagna!


When it is about food, it comes to my head when i hear ITALY are pizza, spags, and meatballs. They are solid awesome in doing that food.