First word that comes to mind


When you think of Italy, what’s the first word that comes to mind? For me, I think it has to be “pizza.” However, it’s followed closely by “Rome” and “Leaning Tower of Pisa.” I find the latter to be odd because I barely know anything about it, especially in comparison to the Colosseum or the Vatican. But that pops into my head first for whatever reason.


The first thing that comes to mind isn’t actually a word. I see the Italian flag blowing in the wind (with a nondescript background). The actual words ‘Italian flag’ don’t surface immediately though. This is very generic, but I think ‘history’ is the first word, and then ‘pasta.’


Lasagna popped into my head first, followed by cannolis. What can I say? I’m hungry at the moment or I’m sure I would have thought of something with more sophistication.


Pasta is the first word that comes to mind. More specifically, spaghetti with a mild marinara and covered with parmesan cheese. I’m hungry too WTB.


It looks like food-related words are at least in the first two words that come to our mind. I guess that’s something Italian that we Americans see on a regular basis.


Hi everybody. I’m from Philippines. But in spite of that fact that my country is pretty far away from Italy, I’ve been dreaming of visiting this country if given a chance. Since childhood, I always hear the word “Venice”. And it is my desire to visit this place one day. If ever, do you think I can possibly ride a gondola in Venice?


There are several things that will comes into my mind when I heard the Word Italy. But the First and foremost word comes and struck me is the word VISIT!! Why? maybe you will ask Y? visit? What does it means Is there a place, “VISIT” in Italy. But the real meaning of my word VISIT when I hear ITALY was a verb to VISIT because every time I herd the word my hear pounds and pumps so fast saying I need to go there to witness and experience Italy could have offer to me as a tourist. Experience the food, the people attitude the services the places and everything to visit every little thing about it. And I hope I give justice to your questions about the word comes first when we hear Italy. Thank You


Being an Irish boy and visiting with my very religious Ma during my childhood, my first thought for a long time was “Mass”. Because wherever we were staying the first thing we had to find out was the times of the Masses during our stay. All through my childhood, I felt that Italians were even more Catholic than Irish Catholics because their Masses and feast days were much fuller, or louder, or busy somehow. Whereas in Eire we have our parades and bands but they are more understated than in Italy. It’s hard to describe the difference and must be based in cultural differences which are not solely connected to the church.


The fist word that comes to mind when I think of Italy is actually history. I mean their is so much and diverse history that takes place in Italy how can you fail to think of it.? I mean the Sistine Chapel, the Colisseum…amazing history!


Well… Actually it’s tomato… I don’t know but when I hear Italy I relate it so much to tomatoes and I think that’s why their known dishes: pizza, lasagna, pasta, wouldn’t exist without tomatoes.


Spaghetti. Cappuccino. Sicilian pasta. Three of my favourite things.


When I think of Italy, the first word that comes into my mind is “pasta”. I love pasta especially the carbonara. Did you know that pasta is originally came in china? According to the history Marco Polo brought the knowledge of this food to Venice. And it is so nice to know that from the simple recipe of spaghetti, Italians developed many variants of pasta. In the present this food is not only taste in Italy even in other parts of the world.


The first word that comes to mind when I think of Italy is “learn”. There is so much about Italy and Italian culture that intrigues me. I definitely want to learn and speak the language, I want to learn to cook more authentic Italian dishes than just spaghetti, I want to learn how to make a proper cappuccino, I want to learn about and see more of the art.


When i heard the word ITALY, First come to my mind is Pizza and second is Carbonara, Because it’s one of specialty food of Italy, And i love to eat this food Pizza so cheesy and crispy, I like the condiments on the, meats and vegetables. so yummy. the carbonara i like the cream and mushrooms.


Rome is the first word comes to my mind, It’s really popular, and actually I think for some tourist this is the first priority to visit also in Italy, and when about foods, Your’re right, pizza and pasta.


I know Italy is very popular in food cuisine especially pasta, pizza, coffee, etc. Italy is also known for its historic places and its modern beautiful sceneries. There are a lot of interesting things about Italy but what really comes to my mind when it comes to this country? A volleyball player. I like watching volleyball and there was a time that I watched a tournament and the team has an Italian import and she is Francesca Piccinini. She played in Volleyball Grand Pix tournament in Manila last 2016. That time, I saw how amazing she is at playing volleyball. She’s my first Italian volleyball player idol.


For me, the first word I think about is “language.” It is interesting to watch the Italians speaking their native language, I love watching their expressions! I also enjoy the sound of their words, as well as their gestures and mimics.
It is a great fun to see an Italian boy telling a joke, as his laugh is so wonderful, and his tone is so pleasant. I am always eager to listen to a conversation of two native Italians, this language is so nice! I do find their manner to speak pretty fast, but their words are very soft for my ears.


I read this post and what comes to my mind is BLESSED. It’s just that it is what I feel at this very moment I guess. =)


The first that comes to mind is “pasta.” I don’t know. I just feel like there’s a rich history with the love for all things pasta like spaghetti, carbonara, and many more.


The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Italy is Venice. It is one of our favorite spots in Italy. Venice is romantic, historic, and gorgeous.