Feedback on the Site


I wanted to say a few good things about this site.

This software that the forum is using is unique and took me a bit to get used to but I love it. The preview is kind of annoying but that can be solved by hiding it. :slight_smile:

The categories are well thought out and the colors just work, the layout is simple but not TOO simple that it would be boring.

Overall, I like this site and I’m glad I found it. :slight_smile:


It think this forum software works for some but not others, so while I love the site and layout, I have to say it’s not for me. I prefer the traditional layout like with XenForo and MyBB. Anyway, it’s all subjective, though.


I like this site in general. I’d love to have a timestamp right there on the post. The current way that the posts on the forum have their times mentioned is by saying it happened “3 days ago” instead of the date and time that it was posted. It’s not a big deal bit I think a lot of other people would like that.


For older posts the date is always displayed.

For newer posts, and I think this is only goes back to 30 days, you get something like “3 days ago”, “8 hours ago” .etc

This is so because date & time are an abstract concept, and mentally, you make the connection much faster when you see “7 days ago”, rather than “26th September” (which is the equivalent date for ‘7 days ago’. I had to open up a calendar to figure it out). It would have taken you more time and effort to figure out how many days ago was a post from “26th September” as in my example.

Anyway, if you hover over the ‘7 days ago’ it would display the full date & time. A click on it would do the same thing.


I love the usability of this forum! it is simple and I can navegate among pages faster… some other sites I have been going to are a bit more confusing for me, there is too much information on each page! haha
I hope more and more people come to exchange ideas here in the website.