Favourite Youtuber?


Who is your favourite Youtuber ??

Mine ?

My favourite Youtuber is PrestonPlayz aka TBNRfrags. Currently at 6 million subscribers and over 3000 videos , this guy started his channel in 2012 and I have been watching him since 2015. He mainly uploads videos about Minecraft and rarely other games.

His channel is child friendly and he is a very funny and cool guy. He is also the member of The Pack - A group of Minecraft Legends.

If you guys haven’t heard about him, go and check out his channel fast :smiley:


My favorite YouTube vlogger is Baninay Bautista. She’s a Filipino vlogger who does a lot of random vlogs and she’s very funny. She’s actually a past housemate of the Big Brother Philippines and that’s the reason why she rose to fame.


My favorite Youtuber is Markiplier. I’m sure you’ve heard of him as he has close to 21 million subscribers. He is definitely a Youtube celebrity. He is well-known for his sense of humor and quirkiness. He is not only great at playing games, but he knows how to entertain people. When you watch his videos, he becomes kind of like your friend. He knows how to virtually bond with you.


I don’t have a favorite Youtuber, but I love to watch the Dota Watafak channel. I’m a huge fan of DOTA 2. I play DOTA, watch streamers, and watch DOTA 2 YouTube videos. Dota Watafak is a channel where you want to go for your daily dose of funny DOTA 2 and memes.


My favorite is Anna Saccone Joly, she blogs about beauty, fashion and family life so I guess I just relate to her most out of any Youtuber! She’s also half Italian!


We like Logan Paul, he is a famous American YouTuber. He has more than 17 million subscribers. Although he got into some scandals, I like the way he does his videos. Everyone learns from his bad experience. Logan is talented and witty, many people support him no matter what.


Well, honestly, I don’t recognize that person, maybe because I’m not a gamer, and I don’t recognize the YouTube channel owners or anyone who posted some video on their channel. I’m watching some videos about reviews, documentaries and play some music video, but never to consider to know the person who uploaded that.


I’d say that my favorite YouTube channel probably has to be Good Mythical Morning. Their videos are done in the style of a morning talk show, but not nearly as bland.

They play all sorts of stupid/silly/funny games, do crazy challenges like eating gross food or super hot peppers, and have celebrity guests on for games and interviews.

Their videos are all incredibly creative and always entertaining. I don’t know how they manage to pull it off considering they put out a new video every single weekday. They’re only releasing three videos a week now due to a summer schedule, but I’d recommend checking them out if you’re into some funny, family friendly content.

Be warned, it does get a bit weird sometimes, but in a good way.


My favorite YouTuber would be Pewdiepie. I have been watching his game videos since his channel isn’t that big yet. He mostly plays horror games back then but he is now a vlogger and rarely posts video game clips.