Favourite destination in Italy


So, what is your favourite destination in Italy ?

Mine has got to be the Amalfi Coast (La Costiera Amalfitana), with Ravello being the preferred town along the coast.

Why? It’s easy: sun, food, breathtaking views.

Veneto region comes 2nd place, but there are still lots of places in Italy I haven’t had the chance to visit yet.


I’ve always wanted to go to Rome and to see Vatican City. I am awed by the sites to see in Italy. I read an article that said that Italy has more masterpieces per square mile than any other country in the world! I hope to be able to go to Italy before my life ends. But don’t worry, I have about 20 more years to go!


UNESCO lists Italy with 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which puts Italy on the 1st place, followed closely by China in the 2nd place.

Spain has 46 (3rd place), France 43 (4th place).


I recently read a book set in Siena and the storytelling was so vivid that I’d love to visit. I looked at photos of the Piazza Del Campo and the cathedral, but it’s nowhere close to being there. One of these days I hope to find myself in Siena.


I have to go with the Amalfi Coast area as well. The views are just incredible and I always loved the people of Southern Italy and the rustic atmosphere of that area.


Being a New Yorker, I have always had a soft spot for big cities. I would have to say Rome is my favorite destination in Italy. Between it being the center for modern Italian culture and the center of ancient Rome, I find it hard to beat


Have any one of you ever been to Sardinia? I heard Cagliari is a really nice city? I never visited the island, but it might be a top destination for anyone looking to visit Italy.


I concur that Lucca is extremely Nice. I additionally like Urbino, Gubbio, I could go on and on, however for my most loved place. I truly don’t figure I could single out one city. If you asked me five times, you may find five solutions.


I don’t think if I should start making a list of favorite places just yet :smiley: There’s so much I still have to see!
But so far, lake Garda and Venice are my top 2 favorite Italian destinations. I love Venice because of obvious reasons, I think the city is uniquely beautiful. And lake Garda is such a peaceful place to relax! And a very beautiful region too! It really deserves to be explored.


In my opinion Rose said it right! It is unfair with the other places on italy if we only choose one, but if I had to choose one It would be Bologna because I have friends there and I have heard awesome things about the city and how people live there.