Favorite Traditional Italian Christmas Foods?


As most of you probably know, Italy is famous for their traditional Holiday foods as well.

The most famous food (related to the winter Holidays) is probably the panettone. It’s so good, you can’t ignore it if you visit Italy for Christmas!

Needless to say it’s my favorite!
Although, they also have a few other amazing Holiday foods that are worth trying out!

Which traditional Italian Christmas foods are your favorite?


Traditional Christmas desserts:

  • As Rose said, the Panettone (invented in Milan);
  • Pandoro (invented in Verona);
  • Torrone;
  • Tronchetto di Natale.

This is my first panettone of the season!


Yes, pandoro too! I can’t believe I didn’t mention it. It’s delicious, especially if you make a cake out of it :star_struck:

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Italian Torrone though. I will have to fix that! Thank you for mentioning it!


I don’t know if it’s seasonal, but my grandmother used to make these soft little cookies that had a glaze around them. They were almost in the shape of a knot. She’d make them every Christmas, then my aunt would after she passed. Now I make them!