Favorite kind of Cereal?


Do you like to have cereal for breakfast? Or even a bedtime snack? There are so many different kinds of cereal out there. What one(s) are your favorite?

For me it’s Honey Comb.


I am not much of a cereal person because I don’t use milk often outside of an ingredient in a recipe. I do like it occasionally but my favorite one can only be bought in the UK. It is Jordon’s Country Crisp. It is a healthier cereal but tastes soo soo good.


I will be honest and say that I am not a huge fan of cereal. I would personally rather sit down in a morning and eat something like overnight oats which is porridge oats made up with yogurt with frozen fruit placed on the top and left over night in the fridge or even something like toast or a bagel, if I ever do eat cereal it’s usually muesli. I remember when I was a kid though I used to love cereal like Coco Pops or even honey nut loops.


I love cereal and it’s also good for a quick snack or a bedtime snack. I know that some people don’t like cereal because it’s not too healthy or they just aren’t a big fan of it. Cereal can be cheap too depending on where you buy it from.


My favourite cereal is a toss up between special k and crunchy but corn flakes. Both are so yummy!!


I don’t have it often but Krave cereal is by far my favorurite. Not that much of a cereal person, either, though.


My favorite cereal is corn flakes. I just love the stuff. Especially with milk and bananas! Sliced it up and consume this delicious complement.


I wasn’t a big fan of cereals but when I started working in cereal factory back in late 2000’s, I just realized that chocolate cereal is the missing part of the puzzle. Koko Krunch is my favorite and even eat it not only on breakfast but even on snack time. My son loves it too well of course because of its sweet chocolatey taste. I also tried honey corn flakes and stuff but nothing compares to my Koko Krunch.


As an Asian, I actually prefer rice for my breakfast instead of Cereals. However, I eat it whenever my ever-so-curious taste-buds want to try some. My favorite brand of cereal is Quaker because it’s the only available brand from where I live (and that’s really sad :sob: ).