Favorite Italian cookbooks


I have a huge Italian cookbook that I really like. It’s 1,327 pages and it weighs about 7 or 8 pounds, maybe more. The name of it is “Buono! Great Italian Cooking, the complete encyclopedia of Italian cuisine”. It’s a beautiful book. I wouldn’t mind if it had more photos in it, but I guess if there were more photos included the book would be almost impossible to pick up.

Even though you can look up any recipe on the Internet, I think Buono! is one of those cookbooks that you don’t get rid of. For those of you who cook, do you have a favorite Italian cookbook that you have, or do you skip cookbooks altogether and get your recipes off of the Internet?


That book sounds awesome!! Most of my Italian recipes come from my grandmother’s recipe box, which is about 90 years old! I don’t have any cookbooks for Italian cuisine, but if I did buy one, I’d start with looking at Mario Batali’s books. I love that he knows what is traditional in various regions of the country and he cooks both elegant and rustic dishes.


I’m going to second what @Stephania said: That book sounds awesome!! Most of my Italian recipes come from my mother. Most of hers come from either her grandmother or Giada de Laurentis. I have one of Giada’s cookbooks too, Everday Italian. It has a good amount of pictures (always a bonus) and recipes that are delicious and easy to follow.


@Stephania Thanks for saying the Buono! book sounds awesome. It’s a great book, and it’s super-huge. To be honest, I’ve never really understood why it’s so large until I was really giving it a look last night and suddenly realized that the “encyclopedia” part is the reason for the size. This book is meant to be a reference book, not just a cookbook. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that earlier, and I’ve had this book for years.
I’m so jealous that you have recipes from your grandmother’s 90 year old recipe box. Ugh!
And I really like Mario Batali too (via TV), but I’ve never really sought out any of his books. I might look into them.

@Melanie It’s great that your recipes come from your mother, the tried and true are always great. I really like Giada too, but I don’t have any of her cookbooks. I was just watching a cooking show of hers last weekend where she did a brunch and fixed a lot of good looking dishes. Maybe Everyday Italian is something that I’ll look into. I’ve seen it on the Food Network a million times, but I’ve never thought about actually buying it because I’m too busy looking at the food on TV.:rofl: I bet her cookbooks are beautiful. I’ve been watching her cooking shows for years, and they are always so light, bright, and beautifully filmed.


I don’t have a favorite cookbook specifically, because my Nonna came from Italy and passed her recipes down to us! She did have a ton of recipes, so there’s probably enough to make a cookbook out of everything she taught us…but I don’t often use cookbooks when I’m making Italian cuisine because I use her recipes!

For other country’s cuisines though, I usually look up what I want to cook on the internet!


I have a Mediterrean Cookbooks which has a variety of Italian and Greek recipes in it. It is just one of the cookbooks I use when cooking Italian food. In this day of the internet though, I get most of my recipes online.


I have this one cookbook given by my grandmother. “Essentials of classic Italian cooking” was the name of the cookbook and this is the book that truly taught me the basics of Italian cooking.