Extrovert or Introvert?


What kind of person are you? Are you an extrovert that loves to talk and are very outgoing or are you an introvert being more shy and likes to be by yourself?

I’m a bit of both. I can be very outgoing but there are also times where I need to be by myself.


I would definitely say that I am more of an introvert if I am honest. I tend to be shy when meeting new people until I get to know them and a lot of the time I would rather be on my own, doing my own thing than out and about with others. There are times I will go out and spend time with others but it’s minimal compared to the time some people spend heading out and socializing.


I think Italians are mostly extroverted. From my experiences with them, I find them to be boisterous but that could be only about the venues I’ve met them in.


I have noticed that the Italians that I know speak with waving arms if it is a topic they are passionate about. I would, therefore, say they are totally extroverted! I love it when my friend’s grandmother starts on a tirade! It is fun to watch unless it is directed at you!


Introvert is what I what I would have labeled myself growing up, but now looking back I think I was just a very anxious extrovert. I thrive with human interaction!

In regards to Italians, I’m not one to generalize, but I wonder if many Italians are typecasted as boisterous and loud, but that’s just because those are the ones that get the most attention. I know Americans are known to be brash and opinionated because that’s who we are as a culture, bu ur I wouldn’t consider myself that way and there are plenty of American introverts. I’m sure as in any culture there are introverts and extroverts in Italy.


I am an introvert. When an introvert speaks, it’s important. An extrovert might say everything that pops into his mind. Some of it’s important. Some of it’s not. An introvert won’t open his mouth unless he thinks he has something relevant to say. An introvert won’t waste anyone’s time with idle chitchat.


Both and it depends on the people around me. When I am with people that I am comfortable with, I am so loud and outgoing. But when I am surrounded by people whom i know but aren’t close with, I am somehow quiet and reserved.


According to the psychological tests I have passed, I am an extrovert.
I am pretty active and easy-going, I find it easy to make a conversation with any person, even a stranger.
My aim is to learn how to understand introverts better. I know that they need special attention, that is why I would like to learn more about them. For me, it is hard to understand why a person is shy and how he feels.
I believe that most of the Italians are extroverts, they love communicating. Nevertheless, I think that introverts feel difficult among them. They need some free space and calmness.


I consider myself an introvert. I need time to be alone and “recharge” after I’ve spent time with people. I find social encounters pretty draining, even when I’m with my best friends for an extended period of time. I always need time for myself afterward.


I am a well disguised introvert.
People think I am an extravert, as it is easy for me to start a conversation and keep it going. But the bit they don’t see is that I am exhausted after a night in a crowd and need time to recover.


I can relate to Jerry’s description: “a well-disguised introvert”. I can socialize easily and talk to anyone and everyone. Also, I am confident to get up and talk in front of a group. But my happiest times, my most natural habitat, is to be outside the crowd looking in, or to be alone and thinking or reading. At those moments, if invited to join a group, I’d choose not to do so.


I’m also more of an introvert myself. I find myself only interacting with people I am not close to if they talk to me first or when I really need something from them and I have no choice but to talk to them. But when I am surrounded by people I am comfortable with, I might even consider myself as an extrovert as to how noisy I am with them.


I’m an introvert as well. I don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers and people I’m not that close to. Sometimes it’s also hard to talk to my friends when I’m feeling anxious. I totally relate with needing time for one’s self after spending time with others.


You know, I don’t think I consider myself one or the other. I’m more of an ambivert. These days, I can (usually) adapt my mindset to best suit my surroundings. If I’m at a party, then I can be super extroverted, so long as I walk in with the right mindset. If I’m at home farting around on my computer by myself, I can be perfectly happy. Of course, trying to alter my mindset doesn’t always work out, but it does more often than it doesn’t.


During my younger years, I tend to not talk to people who isn’t really my close one because I have this fear feelings. Maybe a fear of getting rejected to be his/her friend, but when I’m doing some written or digital messages I express my self a lot I write whatever things I want to tell to other people and I’ve been an introvert for more than 12 years I think. But when I become an adult now, I can be able to talk and to meet new people on my own ways. I manage to learn how to talk with people nicely and I am amazed how wonderful thing to talk with people, but I whenever I express happiness outside… I feel seem lonely inside. I think I feel lonely inside because there’s something I lack of and I don’t know what it is. So I can say that I turned into an extrovert one now.


When I was younger I was definitely more of an introvert than an extrovert, I was very shy, afraid of meeting new people, and very anxious in social situations. I did have a few close friends, but more often than not I preferred spending time alone. Over the years, however, as I started university, I was thrown into a new world, far from home, where I was forced to get out of my comfort bubble and meet new people and make new relationships. At first it was terrifying, but as time progressed I realised that I could have as much fun hanging out with friends, as I would alone. Now, I feel like I have found the perfect balance between introvert and extrovert, where I enjoy going out for a drink or a meal with friends, without craving to be back home alone, but where I also enjoy curling up on my sofa with a good book completely alone from time to time.


I’am neither both or either both?? because I am actually an ambivert person. Most of the time I am an introvert person because I wanna have privacy and not mingle with other people for a moment. Whenever I feel being alone, I would entertain myself by reading books, watching movies, and doing a hobby which I like.

Sometimes, I wanna be with people and I do love to talk with them and learn from them. I am both a listener and the one who talks.


I am really an introvert. I like to interact with people but really it drains my energy. Even to the persons who are close to me, I don’t like to talk with them sometimes because I feel like I always obliged to be with them and then suddenly I just don’t want to be with them and have sometime alone to validate myself of recharge my senses from people.


I also consider myself as an introvert because most of the time I often caught up in my own mind that I didn’t realize I wasn’t verbalizing anything I was thinking. I often go quiet because I have so many passionate thoughts rushing through my heads that it’s impossible to verbalize. And I often settle for just a friendly smile or quiet chuckle in response to whatever someone is monologuing to me about. Being quiet may leave others to misinterpret my silence sometimes, but that’s okay. I know who I am as a person.