Extrovert or Introvert?


What kind of person are you? Are you an extrovert that loves to talk and are very outgoing or are you an introvert being more shy and likes to be by yourself?

I’m a bit of both. I can be very outgoing but there are also times where I need to be by myself.


I would definitely say that I am more of an introvert if I am honest. I tend to be shy when meeting new people until I get to know them and a lot of the time I would rather be on my own, doing my own thing than out and about with others. There are times I will go out and spend time with others but it’s minimal compared to the time some people spend heading out and socializing.


I think Italians are mostly extroverted. From my experiences with them, I find them to be boisterous but that could be only about the venues I’ve met them in.


I have noticed that the Italians that I know speak with waving arms if it is a topic they are passionate about. I would, therefore, say they are totally extroverted! I love it when my friend’s grandmother starts on a tirade! It is fun to watch unless it is directed at you!