English Teachers in Italy


Do you think there is a need for English teachers in Italy? Or do they have their own English teachers already? Could you make a career in Italy teaching English and living there?


Teaching English in Italy and making a career out of it is definitely doable but it’ll require a lot of effort on your part. You should have a TEFL certificate with at least 100 hours of experience and real-life experience teaching.


Definitely Doable. However I’m not sure if there are institutions out there that will sponsor your visa, but I think there should be. With the world growing, more and more people are looking to speak English to communicate globally and there’s definitely interest in Italy.


I would think that most countries are looking for English teachers. It is definitely doable to live and teach English in Italy. You just need to put your work into it but if it’s your passion and you want to live there bad enough it will happen for you.


Yeah I would also agree that it would be doable, but I think that it would be hard to get into something like that. If you really want to teach English to Italian’s then you could do it online. There are sites that you can use to be a tutor.


I agree with danyell because there are a lot of great tutor sites that connect internationally, and you don’t have to worry about obtaining a visa or relocating to a different country. Unless that is the part that you desire, of course.


I’m thinking possibly the demand is less in Italy. I mean, it seems like the main places for teachers are China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Japan. However, there could be a few to add to the list, but I think that sums it up.


I agree, there is less demand in Italy for English teachers, compared to other countries. In fact, I think the demand is higher for Italian teachers! There are language centers over here (I think this is what they’re called) where foreigners can learn the language. At least the basics, so they can find work and communicate with Italians overall.
I’ve never been to one of these classes, since I learned the language on my own, but I know they exist and I know there are so many foreigners here, they probably need more people to teach them the language.


I think in any country English teachers are needed now a days. A lot of non speaking English speaking countries have been trying to sign up for English Online teaching. They wanted to level up their skills or if not just be conversant on the language. So I think it is doable however it takes a lot of effort and time before you can be very successful in this. Do not just rely on it.