Eating Italian Olives


Have you ever eaten Italian olives? I have sampled a few of them but have fallen in love with the Castelvetrano Olives. I’m not a fan of olives but I could eat a whole jar of these. Paired with cheese and a nice Chardonnay? Oh my! You have a meal.


Yes, I actually enjoy them a great deal and wish I could grow an olive tree here like you see in Italy. I just don’t have the right climate for them. I find Castelventrano olives too sweet and instead prefer Cerignola olives. I wouldn’t turn either kind down though.


I have just recently learned to like olives. My most favorite are the Castelvetrano stuffed with garlic. I think I could sit down and eat the whole jar. My least favorite are ripe/black olives. They have a taste that I just can’t stand.


I am yet to discover an olive which I like…


I like Castelvetrano. It is a vibrant green Sicilian olive also called Nocellara del Belice. Instead of brining or salt-curing, these are treated with lye before rinsing and storing. The result: very mild olives with a salty-sweet flavor and buttery texture.


I do like and enjoy olives although I don’t eat them too often. They are good for you, and come in such flavorful varieties that it is hard not to find one you like.


I love the Castelvetrano olives. They have a Kermit-green hue, meaty, buttery flesh, and a mild flavor. I consider serving them with sheep’s milk cheese and a crisp white wine.


I’m somewhat of an olive enthusiast, and I’m yet to find an olive that I didn’t like. Castelvetrano olives are definitely hearty, delicious olives, but I’m going to have to betray our beloved Italy and say that they aren’t my favorite of all olives.

While Castelvetrano olives are up there on my list, my top spot for favorite olives goes to Greece for their Kalamata olives. I’ve found that I’m generally more of a fan of black olives than green ones. I prefer the texture and find them to be more flavorful.

That being said, all olives are food from heaven, and I don’t understand how so many people can not like them.


Normally, I do not eat olives in my home country. When we go to a restaurant, I ask to remove olives from any salad. At the same time, when we visited Italy, I found local green olives so delicious! I cannot say that I liked only one particular type, I think that they all look alike. In restaurants, i asked to add more green olives in my dish.


I love olives, but I’m not sure that I’ve tried that particular variety. In my country I’d say that the most well known are actually the Greek kalamata olives. One thing I really love is olive tapenade - it’s good with so many different things!