Driving in Italy


I have read that drivers are very aggressive in Italy and that all the cities and towns are very crowded with no place to park. How will this affect my trip and my ability to get from place to place? Anyone that has been there or lives there, please give some advice.


If you’re planning to drive I think you’ll have to get an International Driving Permit. There’s plenty of public transportation, though, especially in tourist areas. If you take a train or bus you wouldn’t need to worry about parking or how others drive. It’s supposedly tougher driving in Italy than it is in New York City. If you try it Antonia, please come back and let us know how it went.


The drivers are very aggressive. A lot of the cars are stick shifts (manuals) as well. If you’re not comfortable driving one, make sure that you specifically request an automatic. They are usually a lot more expensive to rent.


From what I’ve seen of the drivers in Italy, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable driving there. They drive fast and the laws of traffic don’t seem to exist. Of course, I’d only been driving a couple years when I saw this first-hand, but I remember my father saying the same thing.


I can’t imagine anything being tougher than driving in New York City. Been there and done that. Public transportation sounds like the way to go when visiting this country.


After reading all of these replies I may just stick with the public transportation. I had envisioned getting out into the countryside and driving around a bit. Maybe I could still do that.


From what I know @Antonia, it’s a lot easier to drive out in the countryside than it is in the city. As someone else mentioned, you might have to throw out extra money for an automatic if you’re not comfortable driving a manual. Have you considered hiring a driver?


Here in Philippines, the traffic is so bad always, everyday. People cutting to each other, overtaking, violating rules and exceeding speed limit. I want to know the difference between the traffic in Italy with the Philippines.