Do you think that cannabis should be legal in Italy?


I just read an article where there is something called cannabis-light that is legal in Italy. The undertone of the article is that although this cannabis light is not sold as marijuana to be smoked, that’s clearly what many people buy it for. Personally, I don’t think that marijuana should be legal, although I know that there are many people that would disagree with that.

Some say that marijuana is not addictive, but I beg to differ, I think that depending on the person, someone can become very addicted to the feeling that cannabis produces. And not only that, I think that there is such a thing as being too relaxed and laid back. Marijuana can make some people sleep all day and all night, literally sleeping their lives away.


I think that officials will solve this issue. There is a number of questions that should be taken into consideration. At the same time, medical cannabis is believed to be good for aggressive children that suffer from autism. Their parents have to struggle with their uneasy behavior, so medical cannabis can be good for them. Anyway, its using would require a proper control.


I really think cannabis should only be used for medical reasons no matter the location. They should only be sold if the doctors prescribe using medical cannabis.

I’ve seen some people in the University that are doing these things without the school’s knowledge and I think it is affecting their lives negatively. They are hooked on it and they are using their allowance that is meant to be their food and transportation money. I feel bad for people that are using cannabis for recreational purposes.


I definitely don’t agree making it legally available in Italy. I agree that it is for the doctor’s use only. Though it has a lot of benefit to health, it has still bad effects if users misuse it. Those bad effects usually ended up takers to get wild and to do violent actions that harms other people. There are a lot of people out there who will still try to use it frankly for self satisfaction purposes, and it is inevitable not to have those kind of users for cannabis.


You will say that there is nothing wrong with marijuana and that is true. But people should never abuse using it. And the way for it not to abuse is to not make it legalized.


I don’t agree with the sentiment that making drugs illegal is going to prevent abuse. If that were true, then drug addiction wouldn’t be the global epidemic that it is.

Take a look at the statistics out of Portugal, which decriminalized all drugs 17 years ago. The country now has three drug overdose deaths per million citizens, compared to the EU average of 17.3. Criminalizing drug abusers is what is leading to abuse and death, because the legal status of the drug is preventing people from getting help.

Legalizing it also isn’t going to magically convince people to start using it, especially if you don’t advertise and popularize it like they do with alcohol and did with cigarettes.

If you’re going to keep a dangerous and life threatening substance like alcohol legal, which ruins countless numbers of lives every year, then I don’t understand why you’d ban a plant that has literally never killed anyone.


The drug is widely thought to be either benign or beneficial. Even many of those apathetic towards its potential health benefits are ecstatic about its commercial appeal, whether for personal profit or state tax revenue.
Legalisation in many cases, and for many reasons, can be a good thing. I’m sympathetic. But I am also a neuroscientist, and I can see that the story is being oversimplified.
The debate around legalisation, which often focuses on the history of racist drug laws and their selective enforcement, is astoundingly naive about how the widespread use of pot will affect communities and individuals, particularly teenagers.


I agree with you. There’s hundreds and thousands of lives that were destroyed by cannabis/marijuana and other strictly prohibited drugs. Most of them are teenagers and university students. Here in my country, that was the problem for many universities at least 2 years ago. Now it’s getting a little bit better due to the extreme measures that our government here has been implementing just to stop the illegal distribution of drugs.


I think it should be illegal. Mental health problems are one of the greatest concerns. Cannabis can harm a person’s memory and this impact can last for days or weeks after the immediate effects of the drug wear off. And most cannabis smokers can expect chronic inflammation of the upper airways, called bronchitis.