Do you play any sports?


I know here we have groups of people who will just meet up and play a sport together, I didn’t know if anyone else does that or if that is common in Italy? I’ve played on a couple of them and I had to say that they are quite fun.


I think Football is really popular in Italy. If you like to play that sport you are surely going to find a lot of friends and people to play with.


Lots of people gather to play sports here, it’s a wonderful way to pass the time in great company and in a healthy way too.

The most popular is indeed Football (Italians call it football, it’s just like American soccer) and there’s also Rugby (the American football). Other sports people gather to play include bocce ball, for the older generation. Also, there’s a gym near my home and many have taken up boxing and fencing. I don’t know if this is something Italians have in common, but I always see people training each time I pass by the gym. It’s fun watching them go “En Garde!” :grin:


Well, sports are played everywhere and in Italy football(soccer) is one of the most played. I personally loooove to play soccer. I play it since I was little and always loved to keep up with the news about my team [Benfica (from Portugal, for those who don’t know ahah)]. Honestly, this season they started real bad and everyone is making fun of them, specially Sporting adepts, so I was kinda happy that Juventus won the first match against them of the champions league and have tied the second one yesterday, even though Benfica lost against United both times.