Do you like to eat veggies/fruit?


Do you enjoy eating veggies and fruit or is it a chore for you to eat them? What are your favorites?
Do you have enough veggies/fruit per day that we need?


I love to eat both veggies and fruit. Like many people I have ones that I do not like and can not eat because I dislike them but most fruits and veggies I love and eat every day. I tend to have a fruit salad in a morning and then a little later on in the day after I have eaten my meals and I will always have some kind of vegetable with my main meals whether it’s salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, peppers or whether it’s peas or broccoli or even carrots or cauliflower.


I like veggies more than fruit but I definitely try to eat as much as I can of both. My favorites are corn, peas, and carrots as far as veggies go. My favorite fruits are grapes (red or green), gala apples (yes, those specifically), and tiny oranges. I can also eat salads but they are plain with lettuce, cheese, croutons, and any of the fruits I mentioned above. I’m a very plain person but I get by just fine.

I really need to eat more veggies and fruits with all of my meals but I do my best to eat them. That’s all I can really do.


I enjoy fruit but mostly as juice or in some kind of smoothie. I can eat veggies all day though. I prefer to eat salads daily when I can. I find that getting my vitamin C through vegetables is better than fruit anymore because most juices I drink have added sugar which kind of defeats the purpose of drinking the juice to begin with. Not to mentioned they add in artificial C.


I too love to eat fruit and veggies. I try to have lots every day to help keep me healthy especially since I work out quite a bit. Sometimes I eat fruit and veggies and other times I make a smoothie out of them. I like to get my nutrients from this way and not from supplements.


Yeah, fruits aren’t as good plain as they are in a juice or smoothie. They taste so much better mixed up like that.

Salads are amazing though I eat them plain I still love them.


I love any sorts of vegetables or fruits but often I’m too lazy, unfortunately, to pursue them much in my diet. Instead, I take a multivitamin, but I don’t think it totally makes up for the difference. Anyway, I do notice that certain restaurants that specialize in vegetables (like sub shops) often are lacking in the protein department.


I love eating apples. To me it has low sugar and fantastic taste. Sometimes i do go for oranges especially before dinner.


I have to admit, before coming to Italy, I wasn’t a big fan of fruits and veggies. I’d eat… anything else, just so I won’t have to cook vegetables. And instead of fruit, I’d snack on chocolate on cookies…

However, ever since I got here, I “learned” to love fruit and vegetables! Italians have great kitchen skills and I wanted to try their cooking myself. Turns out, cooking veggies is actually not that bad! :rofl: I LOVE a good risotto with vegetables or even baked veggies with a cheesy crust. Yumm!! And fruit - oh my gosh - the “crostata” with fruit (it’s a pie) is amazing! So is Tiramisu or Canoli, but yeah, I eat lots more fruit ever since I’ve discovered these pies :smiley:


Whilst I like most fruit and vegetables, sometimes it can be a bit of a chore to eat them. I really should learn some more Italian recipes to make them taste better. The italians seem to make everything taste better :grinning:


I actually love eating fruits and vegetables. But then again, I eat almost everything!

If I have to eat vegetables, I prefer boiled vegetables. I normally try to avoid fried vegetables.

From fruits, I love sweet fruits (mango, banana, grape etc.).


I like most fruits and vegetables, but sometimes it is a chore. Sometimes I just want a big plate of pasta, haha.


I love eating vegetables, and actually this gonna be my choice over some meats. specially those green and leafy vegetables. vegetables salad is enough for me. I just don’t know why I don’t like fruits. I like some fruit juice or shakes, but the the fruit literally, never mind.


Obviously I quite enjoy fruit. Apples, bananas, grapes etc. are all great. I love my sugar so the sweetness of fruit is highly addictive. I think most people enjoy eating fruit as there’s so many variations and ethnically unique fruits to different regions of the world. Fruit can be a great breakfast or even part of a sophisticated dessert.

Vegetables aren’t so great on their own. They need some love to be edible. There’s no vegetables I enjoy eating raw, they need to be cooked one way or another. But if they’re cooked nicely vegetables can be a great staple of any meal. Potatoes for instance are incredibly versatile. Mashed, or deep fried, potatoes go a long way to making a great dish. Grilled vegetables with a little olive oil and salt is also fantastic. Another great way of preparing vegetables is braising carrots in chai tea.


I love to eat both fruits and vegetables because I want to have a balance nutrients. There are some nutrients that is present in fruits but not is vegetable and vice versa, that’s why i’d prefer to eat both at the same time or eat alternately so that I can balance my health as well. I do believe that nowadays our health can be consider our wealth as well that’s why we should take care of ourselves.


I love to eat fruits but when it comes to eating vegetable it is a different story. I eat vegetables but only few of its kind. I hate eating eat and you are right that it feels like a chore eating one.


I like Veggies and also fruits especially green color. I love to eat foods that provides vitamins and minerals. I prefer healthy life style to live longer . It’s give me more energy for every activities.


Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, and variety is as important as quantity.
No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. So I personally eat plenty everyday. Eat a variety of types and colors of produce in order to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs. So I prefer to eat both fruits and vegetables to keep my body healthy.


Vegetable, especially green and leafy ones. I also read that though you can get necessary vitamins and minerals, fiber too, from both fruits and vegetables, vegetables are still better as they do not contain sugars (fructose) unlike in fruits that when you eat it in excess (most fruits) it may increase your blood sugar levels.


I love fruit, but I find veggies very healthy as well. In our family, I am responsible for cooking, that is why it is my duty to choose the food we will consume.
I try to fill 1/4 of the plate with meat, 1/4 with garnish, and the remaining 2/4 with veggies. I cook veggies for dinner and leave several kinds of fruits to eat at night, as both my husband and I are late-night eaters. I buy not only regional fruit, but exotic ones as well. I am sure that they are full of vitamins and make me more beautiful.