Do You Have Italian Heritage?


I know that there are a lot of us here that are really excited about Italy and what they have to offer in their amazing country. But, it makes me curious – how many of us on this forum have Italian heritage? I actually do have a little, and I’m very interested in/in love with everything that the culture has to offer. Just curious!


I have some on my father’s side. He has a lot of Welsh on his father’s side and a lot of Italian on his mother’s. However, their families have a lot of other countries at play as well. My dad’s basically a European mutt.


As far as I know I don’t have Italian heritage in my family line. My ancestors are supposed to have come from Ireland and England. Have any of you all tried those DNA testing kits to find out?


My father was born in Gravina di Puglia near Bari. My mother’s family is from the East Coast of Sicily, Trapani. I’ve visited both - with my parents when they were still alive.


@Drew, I got one of the Ancestry kits for Christmas. I sent it in last month and I’m waiting for my results. I want to see just how “mutt” my family really is. Are you thinking of trying one?


I don’t think I have any Italian heritage. I think Czech is as close to Western European as my heritage goes on either side. @Drew, I’ve always wanted to try those! I’ll have to get around to it. I would love to find out I’m Italian. @FrancescaSINY, that is so cool! What was your favorite part about each palce?


Hi, I’ve just joined. Been trying to track down where my Great Great Great Grandpa came from. We have a letter saying he came from Lombardy and that he was born in 1802.The family name is Tennuci, Tennuchi, Tennuchia or Tennuche (among others) depending on which UK, US/Canadian and Australian record it’s found on. What intrigues me most are the links with the rise and fall of Napoleon and the Habsbergs, which are as entrenched in the history of Northern Italy as they are with the UK’s history…


Sicily is so unique because of it’s position in the trade route. So many cultures (North African, Greek, etc.) traveled through and left their imprint on the island - food, art, architecture, etc. And then there are the beaches, the food & wine!

Puglia has an interesting landscape and gorgeous coastline as well as interesting architecture like the trulli and the many cave dwellings carved into the tufa stone. The cuisine, wine, and olive oil are also wonderful.


I do not have any Italian heritage. I am from Asia and based on my research my ancestors came from Portugal and not Italy. But despite that, I am interested in knowing more about Italy, its food, culture and all about it.


No, I don’t think I have. I think most of my blood is from Chinese and Spanish people. I have both of those blood running within me.


I don’t think so. I would probably have to do an Ancestry DNA kit though to find out for sure. Someone I know did one recently and found out much to his surprise he had Italian ancestry.


I think I don’t have Italian heritage but my grandfather has a Spanish blood. Maybe that is why some people called him “Mestizo.” It is a term traditionally used in Spain, Latin America, and the Philippines that originally referred a person of combined European and Native American descent, regardless of where the person was born.


Unfortunately, I don’t have. I’m a Filipino and I am unsure of my heritage due to the many colonizers who colonized my country in the past. What I’m sure is that my blood is full Asian because that reflects in to my physical image.


I’m half Italian on my mom’s side of the family. It’s probably what got me so interested in Italy in the first place, because my grandparents were born there and I wanted to know more about where they grew up!


I honestly don’t think that I have any Italian heritage. As far as I’m aware, I’m a mutt with Slovakian, Croatian, and Hungarian heritage. There is the possibility that I have some Greek ancestry because of my last name (which I won’t disclose for the sake of anonymity), but I don’t know how much farther West my bloodline may go.

I’ve always been interested in getting one of those ancestry tests and really figuring out what I’ve got going on. A friend of mine, who is white as snow by the way, took an ancestry test and found out she has like 2% sub-Saharan African DNA. It’s details like that which I’d love to find out about myself.


I like Italy, its cuisine, fashion, and traditions, but I am not connected to this nation, so I do not have any heritage. All I have is several souvenirs that I bought when we visited Italy and a small figure of a princess made in Italy. My grandmother bought it in Italy when she was young.