Do they have cold noodles?


In South Korea, they had these noodles that were cold and served with ice and maybe a boiled egg. Do you they have something similar in Italy, considering it’s a big “noodle country”?


I am sure they do have cold noodles in all places or at least some. Your best bet would be to ask the restaurant if they serve cold noodles or not or if they can do a special order for you.


Not seen any on my last trip, and That doesn’t sound too appetizing either. Why would you have noodles with ice? Although I’m a firm believer in not knocking it till I try it.

I should look it up and try to create it at home!


Some cultures enjoy different kind of foods and cold noodles with ice and a boiled egg is one of those unique different kind of things that some cultures enjoy.


Cold noodles is not a usual Italian meal. As you mentioned, Italy is a big noddle country so you could probably get someone to cook it but it would be a very avant-garde dish.


You will find Asian restaurants in the big cities in Italy that would be able to serve you with something like that.


Yes there are Asian restaurants all over the world bringing you their specialty dishes. You can most likely find something like that at an Asian restaurant.


Cold noodles are definitely not Italian style. And the noodles in Italy cannot really be compared to Asian style noodles. Pasta dishes are served hot and eaten fast while still warm. Im pretty sure you wont find anything like that in Italy.


I am pretty sure there will be a place in Italy that will have the kind of noodles you are looking for, whether or not they will be as good as what you are used to though will be a different story. I always find that when I look for a particular food in another Country it’s never as good as I expect it to be.


I really like to make a salad out of cold noodles. Get a can of chicken, put in peas, onion and the like for a tasty salad that is great for lunch or to take to work. That way I never make too much spaghetti!


That sounds like a great recipe, Traveler. I will definitely try it out. I love pasta salad but I mostly buy it pre-made. This seems like a great and different alternative to a pre-fab lunch at work! Thanks for the info.


we eat cold noodles very rary… usually is in some starter or aperitiv


Have to agree with this, hot pasta is the only way it’s done in Italy!


I also think hot pasta is the way to go in Italy. However, there are plenty Asian restaurants over here! And they have so much success! Italians aren’t usually curious about other culture’s cuisines, but Asian food seems to be appreciated by so many people around here. (maybe because both cuisines, Asian and Italian, are mostly healthy)


I haven’t been to Italy, but they’re widely known (of course) for their hot pasta dishes. So outside of Korean/Asian restaurants it will be very difficult to find a place that serves cold noodles on their regular menu.


Why on earth would you want cold noodles when you can have so many delicious warm versions of pasta!


Ha ha!! :rofl: Good point, although you can always order a plate of cold pasta! I don’t think it’s the same though, but cold Italian pasta is delicious! Especially in the summer, when it’s too hot to eat anything warm.