Cryptocurrency popularity in Italy?


Cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage in many countries. Is cryptocurrency a big deal in Italy as well? I ask because I’m not finding much about it.


You hear about it quite often on the news channels, but it’s still far away from being popular (in my view). Think of email. It was available for almost as long as the internet itself, but it only became popular/mainstream when your parents/grandparents could easily use it and were actually doing so. Crypto-currencies are in a similar situation with a long road ahead to become mainstream.

In some parts is more popular than others as the following article suggests: “Real Users”: In This Italian Mountain Town, Everyone Knows About Bitcoin


In the words of Lester Crest: “Cryptocurrency is a bubble”.

Sure, normal money is based on trust, just like cryptocurrency. But traditional currency is backed by nations, whereas cryptocurrency is backed by… absolutely nothing. Just some dude who came up with an idea, and somehow pulled off the scam of the century. Fully legal…


@Jerry how do you define a “nation” ? Most definitions behind “nation” can also fit, to a certain degree of course, “the nation of people” behind this new form of money.


Basically, the entity which has the ability to impose taxes to ensure the currency is backed with real assets.

Countries also cannot go bankrupt.


I feel like some people who live them are also trading Crypto since Bitcoin and other Altcoins are gaining popularity around the world.


I think so, Cryptocurrency is very popular right now, specially last December 2017 because of the bitcoin. I know there are some cyrptocurrency collector or investor in Italy also.


Cryptocurrencies may be the new rave nowadays, however, let’s admit it that its popularity is affected by the number of the population who is well versed in using digital technology. I cannot specify cryptocurrency’s popularity in Italy but I know that there are Italian investors and users of it for sure. Since it’s introduction in early 2008 or 2009, cryptocurrency’s cash equivalent increases. But nowadays, just recently, it isn’t selling off maybe because of its popularity its mining difficulty also increases, plus other all factors that render how complicated these cryptocurrencies are. Because of its unstable trend, its popularity is also affected. People are afraid to invest.


I am a cryptocurrency addict and I want to know if Italians are also a fan of cryptocurrency. I mine cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin. The market maybe down at this time, but this is the right time to invest because there’s no other way for the Bitcoin to go but up.


Cryptocurrency are becoming famous now all around the world because of its very unique and very amazing features that other currency could not give. You can easily buy or pay your online transactions using cryptocurrency without waiting much time in it. It is now becoming the trend in the internet because of the usefulness and convenience that it gives to other people. It really makes our life and transactions more easier compare when it was before.


I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies but I think they are borderless aren’t they. Atrn’t they traded only on the interent and not on the individual currency markets of each country?

In which case they will be traded in Italy and by Italians in other countries.


A lot of people in cryptoworld freaked out and panicked when cryptocurrencies go down. But then, just see the previous trends, there was also a time that it was so unpopular and its value drops but then it booms!!! We just have to be patient till it comes to that stage again. And you’re absolutely right, this is the best time to invest.


I also believe that cryptocurrencies are popular in Italy. This country has a fairly high population for its size and most of the cities have high internet speeds. They have good network infrastructure and it would mean that many people are accessing the internet and are exposed to cryptocurrency.


Well, I think that the Italians are interested in cryptocurrencies very much. For example, I heard that “Sant’Agostino” allowed payment by the Bitcoins. Despite the fact that the global introduction of Bitcoin is carried out very slowly, there are more and more such offers worldwide.
Now, the participants of “Sant’Agostino” have the opportunity to pay for furniture, jewelry, watches or paintings with Bitcoins. It is the first auction that gets payment in cryptocurrency.