Computers or Laptop?


What do you prefer? Having a Desktop Computer or a Laptop?

I have never gotten a laptop before and was never a big fan of them ever since they came out.

I’ve always been a big fan of the computer. I find they are much more powerful, faster, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying as they are always plugged in and you can just do so much more on a computer than on a laptop.


I much prefer to use a laptop over a desktop when it comes to working online and doing things online. I like to have the freedom to be able to sit where I would like in the house without being secluded to one area. Having a laptop gives me the freedom to be able to do that and connect to the internet with all the wires.

Right now, I am sat on a laptop in my dining room at the dining table but later I will venture into the front room for the night and be in there on my laptop.


Desktop all the way. Laptops I have blown through so many over the years. They never last. They are designed to only last around 3 years tops anymore. Just a waste of money. If I am on the go, I use my smart phone. If I really need to be on a computer while away from home, sure having a laptop is great for that but I love my desktop. I can easily update it as I see fit and as I need.


I agree about the smart phone and that laptops are a waste of money. I use my smartphone to browse on the internet if I’m at a cafe or some place like that. You really don’t need a laptop anymore these days because of mobile phones.


Although I use a desktop usually, I prefer laptops. Laptops are more expensive for the same specs but they’re really convenient because they’re portable. They’re just more comfortable to use, in my opinion.


I am used to desktops, but I have to admit laptops are more portable. Nonetheless, the desktops are a lot smaller than in the past and are easy to move.


I prefer a laptop over desktop.
As a student, a laptop is portable and easy for me to handle than a desktop.
Even in the course of power failure, I can still use my laptop efficiently.


I am a big fan of both, although I noticed Italians prefer laptops over desktops anytime! I’ve never had a laptop before coming to Italy, I grew up with a “normal PC” and have always thought they were way better. So when I came to Italy, I noticed laptops were selling like crazy, as opposed to desktop computers. So I bought one. It’s weird, having Windows in Italian, but I got used to it :slight_smile:


Even though I am a pretty old school individual, I prefer a laptop over a desktop computer. The reason is, laptop is something I can carry with me wherever I go.

I think that desktop computer will be extinct in 50 years.


I prefer to use my laptop. Here are the reasons: First, its mobility. You can carry it wherever and whenever you are. Second, its functionality. It is the same as computer. All the things that you can put in a computer can also be included in a laptop. Third, about your argument that it will not run out of battery, actually laptop is the same as the computer. You can as well not unplugged the laptop. Although it might destroy the laptop battery you can do it. One trick to prevent that is to actually removed the battery unless it is undetachable.


As a student, I actually think a laptop is much better than a PC. However, I find both of them useful in their on way. For me, a laptop is useful when it comes to taking notes in class or doing your tasks that you’ve yet to finish but then you’re on a trip. Laptops are very convenient. On the other hand, PC is much more powerful and faster. If your job is home based and you’re always at home, then I guess a PC is perfect. However, it’s not that convenient because you can’t take it anywhere simply because it’s heavy.


It depends on each individual anyway. It is true that desktops are more powerful than laptops. However, when it comes to portability, laptops are the best of course. Laptops are convenient to use and you are not confined in just one space. I think this is the main reason of those who prefer laptops.


I would really prefer the laptop whenever I am traveling from a far away place because laptop is movable and can easily be packed anywhere you go. But when I am only in the house or in the office I prefer the computers because it is more reliable for me especially If I am into some online sites. I can do some multitasking which a certain laptop cannot do but I think both of them are a great tool to do our respective task or job.


I prefer PC/desktop because I have more upgrade options with a desktop. PC/desktop can take more RAM than laptop. When it comes to the issue of repair, it’s easy to open up a desktop, check to make sure the cables are secure, clean out the dust, remove a broken part, and replace it with something generic.


I like a laptop because it is the ultimate in comfort. Having to use a regular desktop computer is not all that comfortable, and a laptop is just as functional and more comfortable so that is why I prefer it and use it most of the time.


I am a gamer and I do really like a desktop. It has large power than a laptop and more comfort it gives when playing a game. Laptop for me is only for office works and not for a heavy duty works.


Yes you are right. And the best thing about computer is their RAM. So having big Ram means faster access to all the work using your computer. And a desktop has a capability to have more RAM than a laptop.


It really depends on the situations you are facing or on the work you are currently engaging. If it is a remote place, a laptop will do. But a desktop can really help you a lot better than a laptop. It is more convenience to use a desktop.


I’m not a gamer so I think I would prefer a laptop. It’s portable and I don’t have to stay in only one place. Although admittedly, desktop is far more powerful than laptop, but due to its’ portability and convinience, laptop is my choice.


Desktop is good when it comes to upgrade. You can easily change or upgrade parts of it whenever you want to but laptop is something else because that is where I do my online stuff and my wife as well. One of the advantages is you can easily carry it from one place to another. We usually do that and having it portable is really a great advantage.