Cheesey topic (too short)


You’d be surprised how accommodating a lot of places are! I have a vegan friend that I traveled with throughout one of my Italy trips and we went to an incredible pizza spot in Rome but she didn’t want to miss out, so we asked if they could omit the cheese on her pizza. They were SO accommodating…to be honest I was expecting the staff there to be a little unhappy with that kind of request but they were really helpful AND my friend loved her pizza!


That’s great! It really sounds encouraging. I hope people who don’t like cheese can get what they’re after. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. People are actually helpful and accommodating. :smile:


I know that Italy has plenty of seafood dishes, and I don’t think you will have much trouble finding dishes that are made without cheese. Who knows…while it Italy you may decide you like cheese after all when you sample some of the great cheeses.


Well, just try to order that pizza without cheese or pasta without cheese, I think they will exclusively cook that for you. I think sea foods are also popular in Italy, like the valenciana or Paella.


Is there any pizza without cheese? I don’t think that there is one. But of course there are lots of foods there that don’t have cheese. So he should never worry about the cheese.


Well, it’s definitely a fact that the Italians sure do love their cheeses. It’s the reason why many noteworthy and popular cheeses came out of Italy. However, I’d say that assuming everything contains cheese is stereotyping somewhat.

Sure a lot of Italian dishes do involve cheese, but there are just as many that don’t. Unless an absolutely necessary ingredient is cheese, you can always ask for a dish senza formaggio (without cheese) so they know not to accidentally add freshly grated cheese onto it.

While the prevalence of lactose intolerance is significantly lower in Italy compared to other places, it’s not like lactose intolerant people don’t exist there, so there obviously need to be options for them as well. Also veganism is on the rise throughout the world, so you could maybe switch to some vegan food if you’re so inclined.


Heads Up … you can order pizza without cheese. My favourite pizza just had cherry tomatoes and basil leaves and that was in the heart of Rome. Most places let you choose your own toppings. Same with pasta - it doesn’t come with cheese as a given.


Your best bet would be to rent an apartment for your time in Italy and prepare your own meals. :rofl: But like they said Italy has a plenty of other dishes that don’t have cheese in it.


I think there is. Though, there’s probably more flavors with cheese. Now I just want to have an Italian pizza. Topics like this make me hungry. :joy:


Italy is not about cheese and pasta when it comes to dishes or foods. Pizza and past are just their popular foods there. Bread, wine and I think even steak are popular there.


I love pizza since it reminds me of my childhood times and honestly it s one of my favorite food during snack time. I am planning to learn how it is made so that next time I will not anymore buy them but instead make my own pizza wherein I can eat anytime and anywhere I want and at the same time I can minimize my expense when having a pizza. I can also make my own flavor and the sizes that I desired for my whole family.


I feel you. Sometimes you just want to learn how to make it yourself. The idea of adding your own flavor and ingredients makes your mouth water. I’m sure we’ll get there someday. :relaxed: