Cheesey topic (too short)


This may be an odd question, but… as someone who hates cheese in all its forms and variations, is it possible for me to actually get decent meals in Italy? I mean, each pizza has cheese, each pasta has grated cheese…

will I be looked at as an alien life form when asking for a meal to be prepared without cheese?


Surely there will be food there without cheese. Being a novice on Italy though, I do not know. Just have some wine and bread. That’s a good alternative.


Wine and bread is great, but to live of just that for a week or two seems a little bit… I dunno… unvaried?.. :smiley:


There;s plenty of restaurants that make items without cheese. You might be bombarded with cheese is because most restaurants believe foreigners love cheese and come to Italy for it.


Focus on the Seafood. Then, there’s also Pizza Marinara that doesn’t have any cheese :pizza:


@WheninRome Hmm, that might be a good point.
@Dan: Seafood. Interesting. For some reason, when I think about Italy, fish dishes don’t really come to mind.


I think that has to do with the popularity of other Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, lasagna .etc to such extent that it goes unnoticed the fact that Italy is pretty much surrounded by the Mediterranean, thus Seafood dishes are in abundance. The closer to the sea you are, the better.


Seafood sounds wonderful!! I’m not a big cheese fan myself and that would be perfect. I also like pesto with bread and wine Jerry. Maybe you could become a pesto connoisseur while you are there.


Like @Dan suggested, look for seafood if you’re a fan of it, they don’t USUALLY cheese that up too much, although there are some places where they still would.

Planning to go to Italy again soon?


Well, I WAS planning to go around easter, but I stumbled upon an offer I couldn’t resist for another destination… and that would involve me completing not one, but two bucket list items…so it seems I’ll postpone. Thinking of the Calcio in 2019 now…


Oh…and…eh… believe it or not…but the “offer I couldn’t resist” was NOT an intentional pun… :s


I made myself a pizza today (with ready-mix for the bottom). Best Pizza ever :slight_smile:


I discovered there’s a place in my town that delivers vegan pizza! I don’t like vegan food, but if I order a pizza with them, and then just chuck on some meat myself,it might be a real treat!


Why would you do that Jerry? Just order a pizza with meat and a lot of veggies from another place. Once you add your own meat to a vegan pizza you’ll have as much in it as the real thing.


I like Cheese perfect with hot bread because it is one of my favorite breakfast in the morning. Sometimes I eat plenty of it since I really like it so much. Cheese was one of my favorite compliments to certain foods in the kitchen, it is very versatile and flexible in its nature.


They are really about pasta and pizza but it does not mean they only serve those kind of food. They have lots of food to offer. They don’t just stop having pizza with cheese.


So why buy those food if you don’t like it. I guess their delivery service is your reason right? Sounds funny for me.


Actually, some restaurant offer dishes without cheese. Just choose a meal that’s naturally without any cheese ingredients. You can even do what others do. Like maybe hint that you might be allergic to cheese. I know some friends who do it. Just think of the ingredient you don’t like and make it sound as if you’re allergic to it. Done!


Honestly, I am wondering why you don’t like to eat cheese. You have reminded me my little who hates cheese too. Anyway, it seems like you know how to make your own pizza so I guess if you’re having a hard time to think how will you be able to survive your stay without having a cheese on your meal then I think you can make your own meal instead. That’s the easiest way for you to have your own desired meal. But if you do not want to cook, then that might be a problem since there might be few available that does not suit to your taste.


I do believe there’s also foods in Italy that doesn’t have Cheese. Reading from the comments, I do think that there’s more food without cheese than with cheese in there. Although I haven’t been in Italy tho, but I’m sure they do have seafoods and vegetables similar to what’s outside Italy.