Candy - What do you like best?


It’s good to have candy once in awhile to treat ourselves. What kind of candy do you like?

My favorite kind of candy are gummy bears/worms


This usually comes as a shock to some people when I tell them I am not a huge fan of anything sweet. I don’t mind the odd chocolate bar or even the odd pack of sweets or even a cake however I could go weeks without eating them and it not bother me at all.

When I do eat any kind of Candy though I usually go for something like a Twix or even Jelly Beans, they have to be my most favourite when it comes to anything candy.


My favorite candy is/are Kitkats but crunch bars are also good. I try not to eat them at work but they are so good!


The sweets in Italy differ from what we see here in the U.S. The top 5 sweet treats in Italy are:

  1. Gelato
  2. Cannoli
  3. Panettone
  4. Sfogliatelle
  5. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is my favorite Italian dessert. There is one thing you will notice about Italian sweets is that most are pastry-type food. In the United States, we opt for things that contain much more high fructose corn syrup and many other things I can’t pronounce. Most Italian desserts are homemade with real ingredients instead of things that will make them last longer. Do you think that this might be the reason they are so thin and we are so overweight?


I’m with Adele. My favorite Italian dessert is Tiramisu and a close second is Gelato. Since Italy does seem to favor the pastry-type desserts, I will just have to avoid them. They look too good and I don’t need any other detractions from my site seeing.


I’ve never had Tiramisu, what does it taste like?

Seems really interesting as my dad has had it before and likes it as well.


I prefer ice cream, but I have to admit that Twix is a good candy and also chocolate covered raisins and Rolos.


Candy? They would be Gobstoppers, Wonka Nerds and almost all chocolates!