Can I learn basic Italian online for free?


I am wondering about the language and learning some online. My fiance only knows a few words but we both want to be able to at least say and understand some basic Italian before we go. I am not looking to spend money either. I just want a free program online if one exists. Anyone know if such a thing is out there?


Definitely! I would recommend infact they have a mobile app so she could learn at comfort.


Oh wow I should have guessed there would be an app. Thanks for letting me know about this I will check it out and show my fiance later. I had not actually heard of this place before so I am glad I asked.


Yup, I used Duolingo to pick up basic italian as well. IT definitely did help, at least enough to say “I don’t speak Italian, Can You talk in English?”


As is usually true, there’s an app for that. Duolingo is great if you don’t know anyone Italian. Don’t be afraid to look up cultural centers with free Italian lessons.


You definitely can. There are a lot of apps and websites that offer this. And I think the language is pretty easy to learn. English might be in a different language family then Italian, but still.


I think yes. I have heard people talking about how effective duolingo is when it comes to teaching basic Italian phrases. Although, picking up a language is majorly a reflection if individuals interest. It may take a person a while to learn a language than it takes another one to learn the same language.


Having learned the Italian language mostly by myself, and for free, I can definitely say that yes, it’s possible!
Have a quick look at this reply as well: The best way to learn the language
Boron12’s suggestions are nothing short of genius!


I agree! I spent 2 weeks in Italy last month and spending about 6 months using duolingo before my trip really helped me get around.


You can definitely find online resources but your local Italian club or even kijiji/craiglist board will have cheap tutors!


They should also have tutors explaining the Italian gestures :sweat_smile: It’s part of the Italian language, after all!

I’d say I was kidding, but sometimes I have a hard time understanding some gestures myself, even after a decade of living here :smiley: haha!


Recommended Duolingo on another thread as well, It’s great because it’s in your pocket and you could just run through it whenever you have a bit of free time!


Thank you people, thank you. I have been trying to find a program to help me learn the language as I prepare to travel to Italy next summer. Using your suggestions I will have enough time to learn and practice.


There are a lot of great online resources to help you learn basic Italian. Duolingo is obviously one of the most popular resources. Just in case you’d like to explore some other options, you could also check out BBC’s free lessons here.


If you have extra time you could learn some other languages as well, I just go through Duolingo for fun and it’s pretty entertaining and educational.


Great. I am also looking for a way on how to learn Italian language because I have plans to go to Italy and I don’t want to have a zero knowledge on their language even the basic when I get there. I’ve tried different apps but I’m glad to know there’s a good one to begin with. I’m really looking forward to learn it and be able to speak even the basic Italian sentences like greetings and introducing my self.


In my opinion, Yes, you can learn Italian online. The only setback I see is that there is a low memory retention. In my experience, I tried to learned the Spanish language online and using different mobile application. In the first I’m really learning but in the long run I tend to forget them because I can’t practice it in my daily life. No person around me can really speak Spanish.The best way for you to learn is to go there and live with the people.


Wow that reccomendation really is good and beneficial for the people who are interested and wants to learn the basic languange of Italian. It provides great tutorials and guidance in learning these languages and most importantly it’s free meaning it is accessible to everybody. Try and learn Guys!


You can visit also " FLUENT IN 3 months" they have audio lessons, video lessons, courses and systems that you can learn for free.