Call Me by Your Name / Chiamami col tuo nome (2017)


“Somewhere in Northern Italy.” in the opening credits sets the context. The film has gorgeous photography of Crema, a small-town in northern Italy, during summertime, breathtaking and so well captured on screen. Scenes from Cremona, Lake Garda and Bergamo are also featured in the film.

Call Me by Your Name is Luca Guadagnino’s latest film. I was bound to see it as any film where the action is set in Italy gets on my radar.

At the 90th Academy Awards, it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Chalamet), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Song (“Mystery of Love”) + another 60 wins & 183 nominations.

There’s a Call Me by Your Name novel, released in 2007, by André Aciman on which the film it’s based.


In Northern Italy in 1983, seventeen year-old Elio begins a relationship with visiting Oliver, his father’s research assistant, with whom he bonds over his emerging sexuality, their Jewish heritage, and the beguiling Italian landscape.


Hint: director Luca Guadagnino said he had already planned to film at least one sequel to Call Me by Your Name (2017), which would be released in 2020.

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