Bowling. How often do you go?


Who here likes to go bowling? How often do you go?

What is your highest score and your lowest score?

My highest score is around 140 and my lowest score is about 90 if I’m having a really bad game.


I haven’t bowled in years. I think it has been like 6 years or so since I went. I never really enjoyed it because it was something I couldn’t get good at. I guess that makes me a bit of a poor sport! lol


What kind of bowling are we talking about here? there are two kinds of sports.

I play 10 Pin bowling, haven’t done as much that I would like to do however it’s an fun game or match to do that I enjoy and the highest score was like 120 at one point I think. I have lost the way to play and need to start going to my local bowling


The last time I remember going bowling was when I was around 15. I went with family for a special outing and I remember having a lot of fun when I did go but I can not remember for the life of me what my highest score was. I have not been bowling since then though, would love to go though as when you go with friends and family it makes a great competition.


I go bowling if it’s just to hang around with friends. My Highest score is 156, On a lucky day, not that I’m good at it or anything haha.


Any kind of bowling really. It can be both 5 pin bowling or 10 pin bowling. I prefer 5 pin bowling to 10 pin bowling when I play.


Bowling is one of those things that never appealed to me. I have always been more of a pool guy. I could go out with friends and have a night of shooting pool. I spend a lot of weekends doing so when I was younger. Good times and I was actually pretty good at it.


You are the first person I have heard of that does not like bowling. Pool is also pretty fun and I like to play that as well sometimes.


You are really good at bowling, I am not a professional or even close. My highest score was around 135 and this was because I was with a professional in my team.
I go bowling twice a year, I know is not that much but this is not my favorite hobbies.


Bowling is one of the Sport I liked to play but I am not a consistent gamer of this sport. I tend to play this at least twice a year I guess? is it because of my friends so in short I play this game only when friends want to play it and unwind or release their stress thru this game. So I can’t remember my Lowest and Highest score back then .But for sure if I have time and with my friends as well this will be again on our A-list to do.


I like going to bowling with a big company. We order delicious food and take turns to play. My husband is really good, he often wins a free beer after 3 strikes. Sometimes I am also lucky to get 120-130 points, but I play only with balls for kids which are not too heavy. I also care about my manicure and do not play when I feel that my nails are too long. I enjoy the atmosphere in bowling, it is fun and exciting


I like bowling but my friends and I only go bowling occasionally. We often play bowling at the local country club since a friend of ours is a member. We also bowl on some malls that offer this kind of recreation. Unfortunately, I do not know my scores because I am a beginner at this game and I am focused on at least hitting the pins and not letting the ball hit the sides.


I am actually a noob when it comes to bowling (or to any other type of sports) and well… I am amazed reading all your comments and posts here. I played bowling several times just for fun and I am always the lowest pointer and “joker” in our team. Sorry to them…


I seldom go bowling. It’s just not for me. I always make mistakes and end up losing to others and sometimes to myself. But it is fun to watch others strike in one throw.


Honestly, I haven’t tried it yet but I want to try to fulfill my curiosity whether my thought is correct or not by thinking that it is just so easy to play? I’m not so sure but when you watch other people go on bowling, it seems like that bowling quite easy. I want to know also how much the bowling ball weighs. Is it really that heavy just like what other people say? Is it entertaining and challenging? More importantly, what are the benefits that I can get when I play bowling? Just a few questions out of my curiosity, but it is sad to say that until now I haven’t get a chance to play it even once.


I haven’t gone bowling in years either! I think the last time was maybe 4 years ago for a birthday get-together for a friend of ours. I do think it’s loads of fun every time I go, but it’s one of those things that I don’t really think about going until someone else suggests it first!