Best small restaurants in Italy?


I thought I would start by asking about some restaurants. As I mentioned in my introduction, my fiance and I are planning a trip to Italy in the Spring (2018) and I would love some recommendations for smaller, family owned restaurants in the beautiful country. I want to get that rich authentic Italian food I hear so much about.


Where are you heading to ?

What I do usually is ask the Bed & Breakfast/Hotel staff where you can eat well in the area. You can’t go wrong with this approach, as they’ll want you to be happy with their recommendation and also, as locals, they surely know where to go to or what to avoid.

Another good tip would be to chose the place that is bustling with Italians (local or not). They are more likely to make a better choice than a tourist that is for the first time in the area.


That we do not know for sure yet. We are trying find a close area to where her family lives. We still have not been in contact yet. These are family members she has never met. I appreciate the advice though. I have a feeling the area we will be in will be filled with Italians regardless.


I can’t name any. But there are this very common small shops everywhere. Always talk to the locals, they will mention “xxx has the BEST pasta” and then just rush over there and try it. I only ate in small local shops while I was there instead of large chains


I wish I could help =(. I been to Italy 5 times, been to 5 different cities, and Im a big local business follower here in the states, so I always make sure to go to family businesses whenever I can.I have SO many memories, and recommendations it’s unreal. Theres a stereotype that Italian waiters and all are just as rude as French ones, but I found the opposite to be true. Everywhere I went people were friendly and welcoming, and the wait staff understanding of American ignorance to local customs and such, and willing to help. I’ve never had a bad experience.


I think it really depends on the region and city you are going to travel too. But I think you stand a better chance of finding a family run, traditional restaurant in the smaller cities around Italy, especially in the south.


Italy’s a big country so naming the best small restaurants is a tall order, especially when there’s so many small restaurants. Ask the locals or even check out Yelp reviews of local restaurants. Don’t plan it out now but wait until you get to Italy.