Best Italian heath insurance


Hi. Can anyone recommend the best Italian Health Insurer that provides the most cover for the cheapest premium? Alternatively, (if its possible) does anyone know/use Canadian (or other countries where your from) insurers who cover you whilst you are living in Italy also?


In Italy, you’ll be treated for medical emergencies for free or a nominal fee. You may have to pay for visits to clinics and pharmacies. If you have a terminal condition, it may be a good idea to look into travel insurance.


Oh wow, that’s great to hear. Is this true even for tourists? Are the government hospitals any good?


Free emergency medical care is provided to tourists as well. Italy has socialized medicine so this is pretty routine.
Most of the testimonials of tourists who got emergency care seem to indicate that they’re pretty. Also even non-emergency clinic visits are pretty cheap.


That is great information! I didn’t know you could get free emergency care in Italy. I would like to see something like this in the US as well, however, we are too materialist and greedy in the higher ups do something this selfless.


I have to agree with Ambrosia. Our country may be the land of the free but it is definitely not a free land. Our insurance companies and doctors are ridiculous in the fees they charge and it really aggravates me that we allow this kind of thing to prevail. Italy has the right answer by socializing medicine.