Are siestas a thing in Italy?


When we went to Spain, we knew that they had siestas, but we didn’t realize how seriously they took them! There were so many shops and restaurants that were closed during that time. I love the principle, but it certainly made it difficult to do some things in the afternoon. Is there something like this in Italy?


When I was in Spain, I quickly adjusted to the siesta thing. Way too hot to do anything other than sleep in the shade anyway :smiley:


From what I know, the siesta is practiced in Italy. It has a different name though. It’s called riposo. I think a lot of places close around midday. So I would make sure to keep an eye out for that while making plans!


Nap time should be a thing in every country. I would be much happier if we could bring these sort of cultural traditions home. Life would be better.


@WTB: so true :slight_smile:

Although… on the other hand…they stay up a lot later than we do, which is nice in their climate, but less so in some other climates…


@WTB, honestly, it sounds like my kind of schedule! I wish we had naptime here. It would definitely help out my natural nightowl tendencies. Do people tend to wake up later, too? Thanks for all the information, guys.


Actually this thing about siesta is a little bit of a myth in a certain sense. Lots of people assume that shops close at midday until 3 or 4 pm for siesta, but truth is that it’s the lunch which has always been kind of “sacred” here in Italy.

Small and medium-sized shops close for lunch time, but then they stay open later than what you usually see in UK, for example. People usually go shopping when the offices close, so shops are open until 7.30 pm.
Big shops and supermarkets chains are open all day in many places.