Aquariums in Italy worth visiting?


Aside from the famous Italian zoos and themed parks, have you ever thought about visiting an aquarium?

The Aquarium of Genoa is the biggest one in the country (also, the second largest aquarium in Europe). It’s amazingly beautiful and you have lots to see, so planning a day trip is probably best!

What other aquariums in Italy can you recommend though? Have you already visited or do you plan to?


There is the Aquarium Di Cattolica, but honestly I strongly recommend you do a boat cruise instead! There are tons of options available and you can see some amazing sea life that way in it’s natural habitat!


Natural habitats are the best! I’ve gone on a couple Safari trips in Italy and they were amazing! Of course, the safari tour was part of a Zoo, but seeing animals in their natural habitat is definitely a lot more interesting!


Or go for a dive! When we visited Rome, we went to Saint Lucia and did some diving there with a local dive group. It was amazing, and if you like history there is a WWII wreck there!


I did this in June, what an amazing experience!


Cool! Where did you go, Mauiluca?
I’ve never dived before in my life, I wonder how great it would be, on a scale from 9 to 10 :joy:
Actually, I didn’t even know you can go diving in Italy. Thanks, thetraveler, for mentioning it!