Any laws against photography?


I am planning on bringing some digital cameras and I want to make sure this is okay. I would imagine general pictures are but is there any place where this is not legal or at the very least, not acceptable to the public? I know some countries don’t like this to be done in restaurants or churches for example.


As a rule, you cannot use flash in museums and churches, that’s a pretty universal rule, not just for Italy. Additionally, many museums and churches now have a “no camera” policy, so if you go to a museum or a church, try and find out in advance whether you will be able to take pictures or not.
In Italian churches, look for a sign that will tell you taking photos is not allowed.

I had to do a little research on this one. There is a very strict rules against cameras inside the Parliament buildings in Piazza Montecitorio.

There is absolutely no photography or video taping allowed in the Sistine Chapel, just so you know… The no photo and no video rules are strictly enforced there, and the guards pay very close attention to the visitors. While in most museums the reason for no photos is so that the flash would not affect the pieces of art, the reason for no photo and no video are a bit different for the Sistine chapel. Nippon TV has exclusive rights to photo and video there, due to funding the restoration of Michelangelo’s art in the chapel.

Also, in most places where no photo is allowed, you can buy post cards that are quite nice.


Other places might also require you to pay a special ‘extra’ ticket to be able to take photos. In any case, they’ll make their rules visible at the biglitteria (ticket office)


Nothing I came across to be honest. I think there was a church that had a sign that said “No Cameras”, as well as a few Government looking places that had a few signs up. But other than that, I was never told to take my camera away or advised against taking photos. Whatever it is, I’m sure they’d inform you prior if photos are against their policies.


As long as you not doing it for profit, harassing someone or endangering public safety, you are in the clear to take photos in public. Private institutions have their own rules and should refer to their website.


You should check out the laws for each place you visit. Taking pictures outside should be fine, but each museum or building will have it`s own rules, as mentioned before.