An illusion lost... Bolognese


So here I was, thinking I could cook a decent Italian pasta. Spaghetti Bolognese being my favorite.

But…it’s not Italian!

I am shocked…


That’s eye-opening. The sauce itself is original, but the pasta used is not what the first recipe used. I have always thought of spaghetti as the first and easiest pasta form to find everywhere, so I didn’t expect this. I even had some non-pasta food using the Ragu alla Bolognese sauce before. To think that they could be so wrong!

Don’t feel down, though. You can simply replace the pasta and you’ll still have an original Italian food to enjoy!


I wrote a post about “Italian dishes which are not truly Italian” here if you are interested :arrow_right: “Italian” dishes that are not Italian


Garlic bread not either? What is the world coming to!


:joy: :joy:
As a native Italian, I have to say I was kind of shocked when I discovered people abroad think garlic bread is something tipically Italian…it doesn’t even exist in Italy :sweat_smile: :rofl:


I blame Pizza Hut. Here where I live, pizza is the easiest Italian food we can find. Anything served in such restaurants are automatically considered as “Italian food”, even if they are not. That’s my story with garlic bread. (Thanks, Pizza Hut!)

It looks like the world needs a proper education on what Italian food is about!


Pizza Hut…?
Nah, I don’t think even Americans can be fooled into believing that Pizza hut actually has anything to do with Italy.

(One can hope, right?)