Adapter for mains socket?


I’ve only used my phone charger before in Italy but am thinking of taking my laptop next time. I heard that many wall sockets in Italy are not earthed and that I will need an adapter for my laptops. Is it true that my laptop cable will need an adapter?

I’m not even sure what “earthed” means except that some appliances need it and some don’t.

What is the situation in Italy, please? I don’t want to fry my computer.


You won’t be frying anything (there’s no difference in voltage; it’s 220 volts as in the rest of Europe), but you might need a socket adapter if yours doesn’t fit. This isn’t an issue in most accommodations as they are already prepared for this, but if you need to charge something impromptu in a train/cafe/etc, having one will come very handy.


Hi there @Dan - thank you for that advice. I shall get myself sorted with a socket adapter just in case. A friend also suggested getting a small solar charger which I can attach to my bag or leave on a windowsill so that I always have some charge with me.


The solar chargers are great. I have one that straps onto my backpack and I wear the backpack all the time, on the motorbike or walking around. The panel really produces a lot of juice.


I think you should always bring a universal or global adapter wherever you go. Some countries have different types of power sockets and it’s frustrating if you have to charge your gadgets and they happen to have a different socket. You can get those for a cheap price at your local hardware store.